Though it's possible to repair a broken HDMI port on a television, it is extremely difficult and should not be attempted unless you are very comfortable with soldering tiny connections. Step 6Solder the new HDMI port to the circuit board matching the pin connections from your notes. If the continuity of the HDMI port is fine, but the port still doesn't work, then the circuit board is damaged in some way. With the importance of home entertainment in modern society, many people are choosing to invest in a flat screen TV,, which offers many benefits over preceding types of television sets, like the old CRTV TVs. When it comes to repairing a flat screen TV, there is a wide range of issues that can cause problems. The petroleum works well as a quick, easy, and affordable fix, but it is not a permanent fix, and generally only works with small cracks that are not easily visible. For those who have a broken screen, there are three options: get a new TV, replace the screen yourself, or have a professional do it. If you are going to be replacing it, start by locating the frame screws and work at unscrewing all of them. A common problem with flat screen TVs, plasma TVs in particular, is screen distortion, which includes issues such as dead pixels and screen burn.
Whether you are looking for a new flat screen, circuit board, or other flat screen TV parts, a reputable place to find parts for many TV models at a fair price is eBay. As flat screen TVs are typically quite pricey, they can cause a huge headache when they break. Now that LCDs have been around for a few years, other problems have started to surface, problems often not related to the LCD screen at all. This is where LCD TV parts scavengers can make a few bucks or even create an online parts business. When we posted on Craigslist asking if anyone had the same broken model but with a good LCD screen to donate to the project, we got a ton of email (80% SPAM) offering to buy the busted unit.
The first package of Plasma TV repair information becomes available to members when you join the membership.
Look for broken connections between the port and the circuit board to which it's connected.
If the damage to the port is just a broken solder point or two, re-solder the original plug in place. However, these newer, classier-looking flat screen TVs often come at a hefty cost, making it even scarier when your TV stops working.
First, clean the surface of the area of the screen surrounding the crack with a rag dipped in diluted isopropyl alcohol.
For large cracks, or cracks in the main focal points of the screen, you are likely better off replacing the screen completely.
There are many different solutions, but one cost-effective method requires an external DVD player (even if the TV has a built-in DVD player) and a pixel corrector DVD.
Use the TV's menu to navigate to the resolution selection screen, and choose the highest resolution supported by the TV.
So we found a broken 47" Samsung on Craigslist a few days ago and bought it for less than $100.
A broken $1000 LCD TV can contain up to $2000 in resellable logic boards, power supply, and other miscellaneous components. If you have the patience and are willing to put some work into finding the right parts, you might be able to get it working again for a lot less than you might think. Well, repairing Plasma TV is not that really difficult if you have the right information to assist you. With these fantastic information, i'm sure your Plasma TV repair knowledge will shoot to the roof!
If your TV has more than one HDMI port, you can use an HDMI splitter to connect multiple inputs to the one port.

If the housing won't come off easily, look for screws that are holding it in place and remove them. When you're done, test the continuity again to ensure that the pins from the port connect to the circuit board correctly. With the wide side of the HDMI port facing up and looking at the solder-side connections, pin number 1 is on the top left, pin 2 is on the bottom left and pin 3 second from the left on the top. Fortunately, troubleshooting and fixing flat screen TV problems is much easier than you might think. As long as whatever damage to the screen has not penetrated the layer of plasma or LCD pixels behind the screen, repairing the flat screen TV is possible.
Then, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to the cracked area of the screen using a clean eyeglass cloth.
Insert the pixel corrector DVD into the DVD player and choose the repair function you need, or use the software wizard to guide you through the process. The interesting thing is that even though the LCD panel is theoretically worth more, a set with working electronics (like ours) will actually fetch a higher resale price because the boards are easier to ship than a large LCD panel. We negotiated with the willing buyers and sold the set a few days later for 3X what we paid for it.
However, if you are confident in your soldering skills, you can repair broken HDMI port, so long as the damage is only to the connector and not to the printed circuit board to which the port is soldered. All other screen types should be laid down so you can have the best access to the HDMI port.
Touch one probe to the pin location on the outside of the port and the other to the solder point on the circuit board that corresponds to that pin. The pins alternate top and bottom to the right so pin 18 is on the bottom right and pin 19 is on the top right. Sure, the repairs may still require a nice chunk of change, or may even require the help of a professional, but it is better than buying a new flat screen TV. Apparently, LCD screen are very expensive to replace and it is not really cost-effective to replace a broken one, the main reason being that most of the TV manufacturers use screens manufactured to their specification. You may find that someone may have that exact model and is ready to drop it off at the dump. Nineteen pins are on an HDMI port, though not all of them will necessarily be connected to the TV's circuits. After removing the broken screen, put the new screen in place, and trace your steps back, plugging in the wires, re-assembling the frame, and securing the frame with the screws. So it is next to impossible to take one maker's LCD screen and use it with another maker's electronics unless one REALLY knows what one is doing.
For folks with a non-functional LCD TV, especially if it is a cracked screen, often the only realistic option is to junk the set and buy a new one.
Easy way How to test Capacitors, Diodes, Rectifiers on Powersupply using Multimeter Best Easy Way How to Accurately test Diodes, Capacitors, bridge rectifiers in TV power supply boards, “how to use multimeter” to test or read TV parts in power circuit boards commonly in LCD, Plasma, DLP TVs How to Troubleshoot an LCD TV Three main ways to troubleshoot an LCD TV that does not require in depth knowledge of TV repairDo you know of easier ways to diagnose and fix an LCD LED TV with power issues? The problem is that there is no indication of which number (higher or lower) to set the dial to make the refrigerator colder or warmer. I see that the fuse was blown and pcb near one of the switching transistor is dark, i am suspecting the switching transistor.
My question is after replacing the transistor how do i test it, I have only the power supply board and outputs connection to the other pcb are removed. 1) can we test the power board without connecting the load(the output to the other pcb) 2) can we see the output voltage at the connector without connecting the load.
I should look back at this list of things that I should check for if my TV has a bad capacitor.
Looking for a cap that bulging and deformed seems like a good way to find out the condition of the capacitors.
Any ideas?Reply 7 DIY Project Help Tips June 10, 2016 at 8:30 pmBP-carbide, What is the make and model of your TV?

Let us know and we can give you more info about what part to replace.When you say your TV POPPED, did you smell any electrical smell?
It has to be something besides the main power board obviously, so check everything once over and let us know what you find. When the power is on, the light turns green for a second, make a clicking sound and then turns back to red.
When you plug the TV in it makes the sound of powering up if there is no power to the buttons and no power to the screen. Do some further troubleshooting to be sure, but from the description of your problem, it sounds like a bad power circuit board. Sould I replace the cap first just in case sense it is only $8?Reply 17 DIY Project Help Tips February 17, 2016 at 9:45 pmBeau, You can try replacing the cap… but is the cap visually bulged or look deformed in any way? Try that first and if that does not fix your issue then buying a new power board or main board may be the next step. I have looked online to see if others have had this problem and from what I have read, it appears to be a capacitor problem. Then I read about replacing the power supply board which seems to be less expensive and easy to do myself. If you have made sure the cord is secure to the TV and it IS getting power but the TV will not turn ON, then you most likely have a power board that is faulty. The TV still won’t turn on, what step should I take next?Reply 22 DIY Project Help Tips February 3, 2016 at 6:53 pmZac, Have you made sure the breaker is on since you had a power outage?
If the obvious has been checked, you may have a bad ribbon cable in the TV or a popped cap on one of the other boards. The service center guy told that oscillator is not available in market and the full board needs to be replaced and it will cost 6K.
Do u suggest any alternatives?Reply 24 DIY Project Help Tips December 7, 2015 at 9:58 pmSarath, Have you checked this website for the Samsung TV Oscillator?
It will turn on with no problems sometime and then if i turn it off it will not come back on I have unplugged it lots of times to get the TV to turn back on. If the cord is not the issue, then the power supply is the most likely issue causing your problem. If you do decide to change the power supply board, the instructions will be with it and YouTube videos can give you even better instructions to remove and replace. September 2, 2016 New HE Washing Machine Is Very Loud On Spin Cycle – What Can Cause This? September 1, 2016 Dishwasher And Garbage Disposal Are Both Not Working – What To Check? August 30, 2016 Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine Error Fault Codes August 29, 2016 All My Garage Door Openers Have Stopped Working – What Can Cause This? August 24, 2016 LG Washing Machine Error Code UE – Top Load Washers August 22, 2016 Midea Dishwasher Error Codes August 18, 2016 Is It Possible To DIY Solar Panels On Your House? August 9, 2016 10 Ways To Fix A TV Picture That Jumps Jerks or Skips August 5, 2016 Refrigerator Is Freezing Everything – What To Check – How To Fix? June 27, 2016 Washing Machine In Garage – Where Do I Let It Drain – Utility Sink, Standpipe, Sink Drain? April 29, 2016 Bathroom Sink Drain Pipe Is Leaking – How To Fix – What To Check? April 27, 2016 How To Remove and Replace a Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve April 27, 2016 How Often Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Be Replaced?

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