Traditional homes were built with smaller rooms that were assigned names for their function. Open floor plans are appealing spaces with one or more open rooms that comprise different living areas. Removing a wall that separates two small areas is an option that creates a spacious living area. Highlighted by a white ceiling, rustic wooden beams are on trend and mix well with many styles of furnishings.
Interesting architectural details create an upscale look to this open kitchen and living area.
A large fireplace, warm colors, and carpeting throughout make this open area cozy and inviting.

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Over the years, the pace of life has increased, and family life has become more hectic than previous generations. The most popular open floor plan combines the kitchen, living, and dining rooms into one large shared space.
Within an open space, cozy areas can be defined by the placement of furnishings and area rugs.
You’ll feel good having an organized plan to enhance your living space and the value of your investment.

As a result, homeowners have recognized that fewer walls invite conversation and opportunities to connect. Open areas allow more flexibility in arranging areas that function for specific activities.
As kids grow older and family lifestyles change, areas within the open space can easily be modified.

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