Panel manufacturer, so most of the service manual are not included their schematic diagram and other info. I had to trace this 180 vdc circuit line and I found an electrolytic capacitor leads already bad and a leaky diode. After the replacement of the both components, the voltage now read at 163.9 Volt which is still in the acceptable range. Remember to clean the area with chemical and make sure all the components are properly fitted before turning On the power.  Once done the cleaning, I powered On the TV and it was working fine. This article was prepared for you by Suranga Bandara who owns an Electronics shop in Anuradapura, Sri Lanka.
While surfing the internet, i stumbled upon a samsung tv schematic diagram which is in pdf file.
You have to get back the IC from him or find the new one with programs in it otherwise it would be hard to repair the tv. I want to use this medium to lodge in complain and possible repair solution on components level on a 32" samsung led tv UA32D4000.
Our SAMSUNG PLANO Television got suddenly switched off and I hear a little sound of power on(Put-Put) but nothing is coming on the screen and no power light is glowing at all ? We have try to on Samsung Plano television after some time, but Television has not on and pic. If the OSD menu also has double image , it could be the problem of t-con board or LCD panel.

Dear sir, My samsung tv UA37C5000.When watching the tv suddenly come out big smoke from in side the tv. I say that my SAMSUNG PLANO Television got suddenly switched off and I hear a little sound of power on(Put-Put) but nothing is coming on the screen and no power light is glowing at all ? I have a samsung crt tv that is busted a while ago when i open it up i foud the power supply is cooked ,in 4007, and some resistor is busted ,,,, does that mean i have to replace both transistor IC from power and horizontal drive?
I have a samsung plano cs21m17ml , the current has exceed 400 volts and is grilled , I can no longer see it. When switch ON SAMSUNG UA32D4000NM,the standby light blink 5 time and TV not working.pls let me know this error code. I suggest that you check the semiconductors as they are prone to short circuit causing fuse to blow. Dear mr.yong sir, samsung crt ctv model no.
Probably the memory ic fault.Before that you find the service manual to enter the factory mode and set to default setting and see how it goes. Here’s a block diagram of a Digital LCD TV and if possible you may print it out for future use. This is a big subject and i suggest that you find a book that can explain all these in details for you.
Its very nice knowledge and now a days LCD becomes common and major changing in community mind-set so as to buy LCD or digital imaging products with respect to CRT base .

I invariably found some the problem of LCD monitors that are thin white line horizontally or vertically and black circle spot on the screen. A week ago a friend of mine brought Philips ( Model 21PT176) with the same fault (white raster with fly back lines). Then I fund one of the capacitor 82 mfd 450v has blast and also jumper j813 rusted as no conduct. If you have not solved, then have you chekced if the power supply output is producing good and stable voltages or not?
Just check all the components in the primary side and direct replace the power ic if the power fet is shorted. For your information I used to understand an equipment block diagram first before i go into the schematic and analyze the circuit functions.This is the first step if you wants to venture into new electronic equipment repair. Disable the pico fuse or cut open the circuit trace (usually is the 12 to 14 volt line) if the board does not have pico fuse.
If you are not a TV repairer i suggest that you download the file and begin to analyze it and who knows you might have learn something new from this samsung TV schematic diagram. Sometimes it also depends on the problem of the inverter board too and not necessary you have to cut open the circuit trace.

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