Sent from New York, New York for restoration the Waterford Crystal wine glass had a broken stem . If your hand slips while you're dusting, and your favorite glass vase falls to the floor and breaks, you may be able to repair the vase well enough to once again hold water, but it's never going to be the same. Step 2Clean dirt off the pieces you are going to glue with a rag and dry them thoroughly with a clean cloth. Step 4Mix clear two-part epoxy glue with the hardener that comes with it on a piece of scrap cardboard. Step 5Spread the epoxy on the edges of one of the pieces of glass you need to glue, using a toothpick. Step 6Fit the pieces together and keep holding while you dab hot-melt glue on one or two places along the joint to keep the pieces together.
Step 7Wait for the epoxy to stiffen; before it hardens, scrape off any that has oozed out the cracks, using a razor blade. Titanium eyeglass frames, they're super-light and strong, but what happens when they break? The process took less than 30 minutes and the customer saves a nice wad of cash that can be used for better things than an entire replacement. We're a jewelry store with a highly specialized welding machine for fusing many types of metals — precious and non-precious. How long does it take?Some repairs can be completed in 45 minutes, other more complex reconstructions can take an entire afternoon. Do you know who in the west coast does repairs like this?To us, a "repair like this" involves specialized cutting-edge equipment, experience, and a genuine caring and desire to ensure the welded region is reinforced as much as possible. Whether a favorite drinking glass falls to the ground or a unique glass decorative piece cracks, it is sometimes possible to repair broken glass. Prior to making repairs of any glass item, it is essential to consider whether it is worthwhile. To repair most glass surfaces to get it back to a functional level, individuals can use an epoxy glass glue to mesh two pieces together.
When this replacement method is necessary, the individual needs to first remove all existing pieces of glass from the item.
Individuals who need to replace a pane of glass can often find replacements already cut and ready in nearly all sizes. When repairing glass items that are not flat surfaces, it is sometimes possible to do this through the use of glue, however it is sometimes not possible at all. Purchasing the proper glass repair supplies often is a challenge simply because there are so many variations possible.
It was cracked in two places were the stem meets the foot and were the stem meets the bowl.
Short of reheating the glass to fuse it, virtually no process will eliminate the hairline cracks left over after gluing the pieces back together, even if you minimize the cracks by carefully aligning the pieces. The repair probably isn't worth doing if the vase has broken into several small pieces, or some pieces are chipped. Test-fit the pieces you are going to glue so that you know the best way to put them together to minimize visible crack lines.
To get the strongest repair, use a product that takes longer than 5 minutes to set -- it will be less brittle than one that sets quickly. You don't need to apply the glue to both surfaces of a joint, as long as you spread it evenly. After the recommended setting time for the glue you're using has elapsed, scrape off the hot-melt glue with the razor blade. If you can find a bench jeweler willing to repair them the old way, it would involve removing the lenses in an attempt to join the broken halves with lead-tin solder meant for electronic circuits.

Just in case the manufacturer alloyed any additional metals that would've made the area brittle, pure silver is added to reinforce the area. This is a high-stress structural area that is hindered by the fact that the frames were originally assembled by brazing loose titanium pieces.
Microwelding provides a repair that extends the usability and buys the customer more time (and eyesight) until he can order a replacement set. Eyewear constructed of most types of metals fall under the category of something we can often repair. We don't have the facility, materials, nor inclination to get into the plastic repair business.
It all depends on the complexity of the repair; how much reconstruction and reinforcement is required. Until someone else can demonstrate they'll invest the same level of care in repairing your glasses or jewelry, giving out endorsements for work we haven't observed first-hand would be a disservice to our customers.
Eyewear, on the other hand, is repaired to reach structural goals — to ensure the area has an abundance of material welded at the break such that it can withstand the stresses from everyday wear. Though the original process of creating glass focuses on heating and melting glass to form it into the proper shape, this is not the route taken to repair broken glass items. To do this, the individual applies the epoxy glue to one side of the damaged item, using as little of the glue as possible.
Instead, it is necessary to remove all existing shards of glass and then to find replacement glass for the surface. After measuring the dimensions of the glass, including its height, width, and depth, it is possible to locate new pieces. For example, repairing a broken glass vase or a cracked wine glass, gluing the pieces together is unlikely to create a strong enough bond to allow the container to retain water properly. For example, if a glass plate from a set is broken, the owner can find a replacement plate, typically sold individually. You need waterproof glue, and although it takes more time to harden than cyanoacrylate, two-part epoxy resin is the best adhesive for the job. The repair is most likely to be successful if the vase has broken into two or three large pieces, or if one small section, such as the lip around the opening, broke off. Try not to leave voids, but don't use too much glue, or you may have trouble cleaning the glass after the glue sets.
This type of repair hardly ever proves to be worthwhile since the brittle, porous properties of solder will forecast another break in the near future. The art of welding relies on experience to pull material in strategic directions to optimize the holding strength. The original brazing alloy at that very point makes it a bit difficult to determine if the titanium is fused underneath.
The plastic frame example you see on this page shows welding done to the METAL HINGE embedded in the plastic frame. Showing up 10 minutes before we close won't be a smart move if you need the glasses back same-day. Depending on the product itself, it is often necessary to use a glue-based process to make this repair.
In many cases, purchasing a replacement window, glass table, or other glass item is easier to do, and less expensive, than trying to make repairs. The glue must dry solid, but also clear to ensure the glass pieces hold tight and the glass remains as clear as possible. Once this is complete, the new glass pane,, cut to the proper size, fits into the space of the previous one. Golden Crown Jeweler's microwelding process fuses titanium ends directly to each other for a bond that comes as close to the original material strength as possible.

Only if the goal is to destroy the surrounding resin and permanently haze the prescription lens. Repair quotes take into account cost of supplies, reinforcement material, and the fact that reconstructive eyeframe repair is often far more time-consuming than jewelry repair. If you still have the nosepiece that broke off at a metal point, we can repair that but we don't stock eyewear parts.
Microwelding allows us to offer near-surgical precision where torch-soldering almost always leaves a large destruction spot. For rare items, mementos, and other hard-to-replace items, repairing the glass is often possible and worthwhile when done properly. Then, the individual presses the two pieces together to align them and holds them in place for several minutes. It helps to have rubber gloves and a tool with a flat edge, such as a paint scraper, to apply the epoxy to the surface. Once secured into place, usually by a groove or by metal pins on the sides of the frame, it is possible to begin using the item once again. Depending on the framing that holds the glass in place, the piece sometimes requires rounded corners. To locate the specific item desired, the buyer can visit any page on the eBay website, type in a description of the desired item into the search bar, and read through vendor options. Unlike a torch soldering procedure, microwelding involves no flames so the lenses can often stay intact in the frames.
At our workbench, the tiny sheared halves are microscopically fused and pure silver is used to fill any gaps for added strength.
Sometimes a customer will bring in frames caked in superglue from their self-bungled repair attempt. Some customers use this repair to get them by while they wait out the weeks for their optical shop to finish an updated prescription, others continue to use their repaired frames as their primary or spare pair. Before getting started, individuals need to locate the proper supplies, consider the process, and then make a buying decision for all items needed. It is important to allow the glue to thoroughly dry, usually at least 18 to 24 hours, prior to putting any pressure on it. Individuals who need to repair a glass table, glass mirror, or any other type of glass flat surface must find replacement glass pieces instead. This is the easiest way to obtain the proper items for the purpose of repairing the glass on many items or surfaces. Because we're not inclined to intentionally break frames we just finished repairing, the indirect observation that customers are going about their busy lives is a sign our repair and reinforcement technique is holding up to everyday use.
The customers who first and foremost seek to regain their eyesight are very happy with the repair. Brand-name or not, expensive or dirt-cheap, we've successfuly repaired nearly every metal frame a customer has brought in. If you're seeking a perfect cosmetic repair, by all means, order new frames & lenses from the eyewear shop. In rare cases where experience tells us the frame is an unlikely repair candidate, we'll be the first to let the customer know. Things will depend on how much stress is in the area that broke, the specific alloy material used in the frame, and how the glasses are worn daily. Our stance is that if the glasses break in the same spot again, you're entitled to bring it back and we'll try to further reinforce the area.

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