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Asos shop latest clothes fashion online, Free delivery returns including day - discover latest women' fashion men' clothing online. Clean the nails first and make sure that the cuticles are pushed back by the help of a good manicure. Now I know today’s nails are not for everyone but for special occasions these are awesome!
This does come with a tube of glue, however I would recommend using good quality glue ( I like Nail Bliss glue from Sally’s) just to make sure they stay on longer. Like I said before you get 12 nails in the box in sizes 0-9, I have small fingers and nails so I was able to find a perfect fit for each nail with no problems.

These stay on the natural nails for more than 3 weeks and as compared to the polished natural nails, this is better. Also remove the nail paint that you are wearing and trim the nails as close as possible because acrylic nails put on over long nails does not give a pretty look. Now that you have achieved a neat nail surface, put on the nail glue over the acrylic nails and some on the natural nails as well. Make sure that the size of acrylic nails that you choose to put on is meant for your nails. I’m all about shiny things and nothing is more shiny than wearing a mirror on your nails lol.
If you wish to wear them just for a night out (and want to reuse them) I like to use Nailene adhesive tabs, they are strong enough to last through the night but they allow you to easily remove them with zero damage to your nails.
Now fit the acrylic nail over the natural nail and make sure that the tip fits the nail bed perfectly.

Also in case you are unable to put on the nail before the glue dries off, soap the finger into nail soak and try doing the process again.
I do have to say I was a little sad that the tips had a chunk missing from the mirror finish. However, they are on the longer side so I could easily file them down to remove it and still be left with decent length.

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