Often times, the thin threads used with the machine can get snagged on your shoes or simply break while the garment is being cleaned. To begin to undo the stitch, you’ll want to look for the area on the hem where the stitch overlaps itself.
Once the thread tail is pulled out of the eye of the thread loop, give the thread a gentle tug and it will all come undone.
When I was in high school and taking an interior design class, we visited an interior design business that had a blind stitch machine like that… Actually it was much more ancient and had a giant arm (like an oversized quilting machine) to blind hem drapery.
In college, I visited my first apparel manufacturing plant, which featured standing-only sewing machines. Aditya Mehta has taken the matter forward and complained to the Central Industrial Security Force about the officers. At a time when the country is celebrating the achievements of two medallists at Rio Olympics, here we have an athlete who was humiliated not once but twice at airports in India. Aditya Mehta, who bagged two silver medals at the 2013 Asian Paralympics, was asked to remove his prosthetic leg at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi on August 30 during the security check. Mehta, a para-cyclist who has his leg amputated below the knee, faced it for the second time within a week. Reportedly, Mehta has taken the matter forward and complained to the Central Industrial Security Force about the officers. You can still try using these techniques for old oil stains to make them less noticeable, but making the spot go away may take multiple applications or commercial stain removers.Click on image to enlarge.
If you’ve ever snagged this stitch and then mistakenly pulled on the thread to see where it came from, you probably realized you were pulling out your entire hem. This should help you understand how the thread tail will need to be removed from the first loop on the stitch in order to be able to pull the thread cleanly from the hem.

If you don’t want the stitch to come undone, pulling this will tighten the stitch to lock it in place.
Or rather, I was removing this hem on a pair of smokin’ hot Anthropology pants I got this summer that make my butt look great and decided to take pictures. Sometimes the thread will snag on the fabric, especially if it’s been washed a few times.
Because they are made of a very thin rayon, I ended up hand sewing the new hem with a catch stitch.
It was the same teacher who I was taking home ec with, so she knew I’d be interested and asked them to demonstrate the machine. We didn’t use it on knits that often, but when it was necessary, I usually made sure to place that garment in my to-do pile. On August 26, while travelling to Chandigarh from Bengaluru, he received similar treatment at the city’s airport. Sometimes though, pulling on the hem thread, especially when you want to remove it to shorten your pants, only makes it tighter.
If that happens, you can clip into the chain stitch anywhere you want, pull the thread out of the last loop and begin to pull the thread again.
It worked really well and is invisible from the outside, thanks to silk thread and one of the best needles ever.
That sounds like something I would have loved, if my high school had ever been cool enough to take that kind of field trip. As they walked around in the circle, they would use each machine to finish a different part of the leotard they were making. I was so thankful when a coworker at my alterations job taught me the correct way to unpick this stitch.

I read somewhere that you can put elastic on necklines (like a deep v) then turn it and blind hem it. He was adamant that he is not going to let me go until I take off my prosthetic limb for security check. But when I asked officials at the airports they told me that they did not have the budget to buy such equipment. The fabric is fed into the machine so that it makes a circular motion, while the needle picks up the fabric hem and only a thread or two of the actual pant leg fabric.
It can be hard to see exactly where the thread starts and in which direction to pull it (much like the coverstitch), so let’s look a closer look at the stitch. I’ve really wanted to try it but keep putting off sewing for myself and instead sew for the kids. However, Assistant Commandant Rajeev, who was present at the site was kind enough to tell that they were just following the guidelines given by Bureau of Civil Aviation.
I have now filed a complaint with the CISF, and have asked them to behave properly with passengers and not put people, especially disabled people, through such turmoil,” he told The Times of India. Will I be brave enough one day to actually share some struggles that are close to my heart? He also mentioned that BCAS doesn’t have enough funds to have body scanner which could be a sensitised way of checking. A person like me who always tries to look at the brighter side of everything, is today put down terribly!” he wrote narrating his experience at Bengaluru airport.

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