Wearing this $500 Bass Weejun rip-off is the only way we’ll ever make Jonathan Galassi envy us. I guess the real answer is you can’t have everything in life so the best thing is to live in the present.
Guest, the founder of WASP style and an all-American actress, author, horsewoman, clotheshorse and socialite. Is there any point in holding out for designer clothes until I’m older just because I can’t afford them now?

Partially because we’re obsessive but mostly because we had gathered to celebrate their thirtieth birthdays, which lucky for them, came a few days apart from each other. If that present means buying yourself a present instead of depositing money into your RRSPs, then why not? Then I started to see them in chronological order – from her younger years to an image of her being helped up the stairs at eighty years old in a gold gown and pearls at the Met gala.
She could have her babies whenever she wanted because she’d still have enough money to go around for couture.

Everybody knows a big reason for having kids is to have someone blood-related and able-bodied to take care of you once the landslide comes, in the hopes of inheriting your closet full of Chanel bags and Cartier jewelry.

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