I was looking online for some looks I could try and came across some celebrity photos sporting this new shape in a neutral color. I have to say after this weekend with the Cruisin' Nude reject on my nails, I am really digging this nail shape. When you talk about nail art, you would notice that it has become such a trend that there are new styles popping almost every year. Gray is a beautiful color for the nails that is subtle and at the same time classic looking. From the runways at NY Fashion Week Fall 2011 to some of the most fashion forward celebrities. I have to say I would never think to wear a neutral color with this nail shape, but after seeing these images, I thought I would give it a try. Just like clothes, nail art designs also vary and change depending on the seasons and what is currently trending. When you want a nail art design that will suit just about any season then going with the gray shades is the perfect solution.

You can easily find a lot of new collection of shades in stores nowadays and it will simply surprise you on how much you miss in one season.
You can play with the shades of light to darker gray to give impressions of an enjoyable or a much gloomier mood that you have for the day or week. I decided I had to try out the shape, but I have been having a hard time pulling the shape off without feeling too retro.
Here are some things I am noticing with this new shape, which make me think I need to go back to my old square shape. However there is one timeless color that can fit into just about any season with the right kind of design and combination with other colors: Gray. Don’t think that you can’t work around with gray just because it isn’t an instant stand out color; you can always work around with color combinations as styles. After all 21 days makes a habit right? Well based on how fast my nails grow, it looks like I will have to give it two months instead. I think square nails have an advantage over oval nails, when I type or when I hit stuff, I'm under the impression that the pressure is equally spread out over the entire tip, rather than just at the center of the tip as in almond nails.

To top it off because the sidewalls are filed everything seems to get in the base of my nail where the free edge and nail bed meet.
This shape is also definitely not condusive for a mom with three kids and tons of laundry & cleaning to do.
I have fat stubbly fingers, and even though it's easier to keep my nails square because of my c-curve, the corners snap off and it looks crazy.
Now with the blog, I want to go to so many more places, it is like the world has opened up for me.

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