A lot of folks hit our site wanting to know how to make their Tumblr look more like WordPress or a traditional website. Premium and free themes may exist that have the look and feel you want, but you just need to find them.
You need to study the features offered by this theme, because these pre-coded bits of functionality are going to get you closer to the feeling of a website than many other themes provide.
If you’re a girly-girl like moi, check out Coco… this theme seriously could not be ANY more adorable! Sometimes a theme will have just the structure you want, but it needs modification for the colors or branding you’d like to use. The theme mentioned above, Coco, has been modified here to look less girly for a comics and art blog, and has awesome sidebar images added to give it a lot of flair. Nautical by Pixel Union is another good example of a Premium theme that offers a great, WordPress-like layout with sidebar, page links, room to insert code into the sidebar for other bits of content, a header, footer and lovely blog post layout. Pixel Union and Style Hatch are both going to have excellent, rich-featured themes that can get you closer to the feeling of a website, and can be modified to fit your branding.
The easiest way, though perhaps not the cheapest, to have your Tumblr look like a website is to design it yourself or have it designed and coded. When I wanted to launch a second Tumblr specifically for the food I eat, I found a free theme that was similar to mine, in that it had a dark background and some chalkboard-like styling.
I recommend finding a shop like ours that has experience in Tumblr development or a service that specifically offers it because it will save you time, money and headaches to work with someone experienced with the platform. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged facebook plugins website like or ask your own question.
Is “get + person’s name + ed” a common usage in English to mean “become the person like somebody”? However, as an African American who wears their hair completely natural without any chemicals of heat to alter the curl pattern, I was more than disappointed to see your exclusion of highly textured, curly, kinky, coily hair options for these lookalike dolls.  Sure, you do have one doll with tan skin and loose ringlets, that I assume is supposed to be the representative of the entire ethnic demographic with natural hair, but what about options for those who hair that is more tightly coiled than the options you provide? In all you have 40 dolls offered in this collection and only 8 of them have wavy or curly hair.  There are many young girls of all ethnicities from Caucasian to Indian to African American to Jewish to Hispanic who have hair that is excluded from your offerings of hair texture.  If the goal of this line is supposed to promote and encourage a healthier sense of self esteem for young girls by creating dolls that look like them, what sort of message does it send that they must fit into the aesthetic ideals of straight hair or loose curls to match your dolls? I was  extremely put off by the fact that you advertised this doll as having “textured” hair.  Frankly, I see nothing textured about this long, straight hair and would love to hear your explanation about this product descriptor. Tagged  african american hair, american girl doll, coily, curls, doll styling, Just Like Me dolls, kinky, natural hair, open letter to american girl, textured hair. I was just talking to my co-worker about this on Friday, why are there no dolls that look like us, and espeically our hair texture. As a business major and an avid reader of business publications I understand one thing about companies; you can tell whose their target market by their advertising and offered products. If you don’t find what you are intested in with AG there is a similar group of dolls sold at Toys r us called The Journey Girls. Learning how to make your own website might not be as difficult as you think.Even if you have absolutely NO web design skills it is actually possible!
It is a pretty outstanding achievement to make your own website, most people wouldn't even consider it for one second. Well, have I got fantastic news for you!Just a few short months ago I decided to create my own website and believe it or not, I knew NOTHING about web design. YOUR OPTIONSPretty impressive information in that video wouldn't you say!And believe me, it is as good as it sounds! This will give you immediate access to the Self Paced 10 Day Action Guide which will step you through each stage of the process with exceptional detail and support guiding and educating you in the process towards your goal of making your own website.

In conclusionYou couldn't do any better than using the SBI Self Paced 10 Day Action Guide or the SBI 12 week instructor lead eLearning program if you want to learn how to make your own website just like a professional. For some bizarre reason, there is a startup out there -- it's called Blippy -- that has the sole purpose of allowing its users to broadcast to their friends every single purchase they make. For years now, blogs, social networks, and other Internet businesses have provided countless platforms for people who really want to put themselves out there. For example, that photo on the top right is from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg's now-public collection of private photos. We found another service that hooks your scale to your Twitter account so you can tell everyone how much you weigh each time you step on it. We've put together a list of 10 ways you can let strangers know far too much about you and what you're doing. Simply writing too much information about yourself may seem old-fashioned, but personal blogs are still the #1 way to share far, far too much information about yourself. Keep the world up to date on the status of your relationships, goings on at work, and even the graphic details your embarrassing medical problems. Businesses can use your insights on the movie you just saw or the gadget you just bought to get instant feedback on their products.
People who use this service are necessarily body conscious, making this fertile ground for diet products, cosmetic surgeons, fitness memberships, and more.
It's not enough for your friends and family to know the details of how you met or where he proposed -- these things have to be on Google.
The start-ups behind these apps are just starting to monetize their products, but soon bars, for instance, will be advertising directly to people currently drinking at other bars nearby. If you were Barack Obama's chief speechwriter during the primary campaign, you might think groping a cut out of Hillary Clinton at a party was a funny thing to do. Putting it on the Internet so that all the world can see, turning it into a national event?
These photos are also what makes Facebook such a page view monster, and why it's already cash flow positive. The Business Insider is a family-friendly website, so we don't care to speculate on what advertisers could do with this information. Remember the days when the only way to show people video footage of your children was to bring them into your living room? Nowadays, everything your family does is just a camera phone and a lucky break away from being the next viral sensation, viewed by millions. YouTube is a great place to advertise, but as far as extracting useful information from personal videos to target ads, we don't really see it. Sharing the exact details of what you consume almost makes it too easy for brands to market to you.
When Jennifer Ringley launched JenniCam -- a website that showed what was going on in her apartment at any given time, she received a lot of media attention. There isn't much to learn here for brands, past the basic lesson of its success: real lives are incredibly boring (they're asleep a third of the time!), but people are strangely drawn to voyeurism nonetheless. Tell everyone where you're eating dinner, how much you paid, where you had sex afterward, and how much you weighed in the morning. Check out our recent list of theme sites and visit Tumblr’s Theme Garden, where you can preview each look on your blog before purchasing.
Disqus comments are set up, but you made need to add social sharing and other typical blog functions yourself (or have a web designer do it.) Zooey Deschanel liked it enough she just used this Tumblr theme as-is!

You will need to understand the differences from the way Tumblr works and an HTML site or WordPress site, but you can get what you want this way. I changed the background to match my Kris Colvin tumblr and some of the graphics and header, and it now complements my main Tumblr without being an exact replica. As you can see, a lot of the Premiere themes contain many more features and designed elements than free themes you can find will offer. I encourage you to take a long hard look at the ever-growing diversity of today’s living, breathing American girls and continue to work to make sure that your dolls are inclusive of all. If we do not see a doll from their collections that relate to us in any form then we should get the picture. Learning who consumers are and what they want is one of the central challenges of marketing. You might not get much traffic -- or make more than a few pennies -- but the ads you serve up will be seen by people who cared enough to find you. Wedding gifts are big business, and now it's easy for a business to see how much of that market it has captured.
Check-in to every bar, restaurant, or store you enter on one (or all!) of the up-and-coming mobile social networks. Here is a good example of a Premium theme by one of our favorite Tumblr developers, Style Hatch.
What about Barbie, I know that they accentuate eyes and noses on different ethnic Barbies now and I believe I’ve seen Barbies with different textured hair as well. I crossed this issue when I tried to buy my niece one of these dolls i heard about this doll through a guest that created one for her daughters.
They have an illastration on a book the it almost my double and a new just like you Could be me if the hair was brown and the removed the freckles. It is true for all industries, abercrombie & fitch do not sell clothes bigger then a size nine, why? But I when I went to create one the hair to me was the biggest issue, i think that is the most distinctive feature she could have and would help my niece to relate. What they need to tell everyone is that they appreciate their thoughts and suggestions and will work on offering these varieties in the future, especially with more demand. But how was I going to make my own website when I had a busy and successful network marketing business venture which was keeping me occupied on a full time basis? Its the same for toys, I think its up to us as a black community to step up and take advantage of the market they choose to ignore. There was a sense of pride and joy, something so small could create such an amazing feeling, a feeling of acceptance and belonging!!! I know I will not buy my daughter a doll that does not look like her and many of my girlfriends feel the same way. If American Doll chooses to ignore the suggestions of their customers then its time to look else where for our doll buying needs.

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