They showed us books of pretty nail designs, we pointed at what we liked, and we fixed a price. Then, instead of doing our nails in this bright and airy place, they brought us to a dingy secluded shop in a corner of the mall which featured a row of ratty, old seats.
After trimming our nails short and filing away a thin layer of our surface nails, they paste thick stickers around our nails to act as moulds. They then apply a thick layer of gel all over our nails, extending out onto the sticker to create desired lengths. He was quite reluctant and kept filing little by little, until he stopped at this length and refused to shorten them anymore!
I was deliberating between this and something bling-sparkly, but finally chose this cos it’s cute and the red would be nice for the coming Chinese New Year.
He did one red heart and it looked so horrible, with the tips being wrong and the white hearts being wrong and all, I stopped him from making the rest of the red hearts. I said, the base nail should be pearl white, like in the picture, and the tip should be layered and opaque and not so fat. I dictated the design for my fourth finger, the one with crystals surrounding half the heart. I was quite weary and despairing by this time and only thought about how I just wanted him to get it over and done with so that I could go home to Singapore to have it all removed.
I let him design the rest of the nails but making him tweak the crystals here and there to make it less ugly. Now I need to find an experienced gel nail specialist to remove these because I read that improper removal will cause damage to the nail bed. And gel nails have to be filed down instead of soaked off like acrylic nails, so I’m scared! All this, and I didn’t even want nail extensions in the first place cos my nails were already long enough for me.
WaitI forgot to add this, when removing gel or acrylic nails, they normally soak your nails in nail polish removal solution which is quite damaging.
My nails are small and sqaure and im pretty sure they will do the designs a diffrent size on each nail. Speaking as a nail tech, I think I can confidently say that whoever done this was inexperienced and proably not even qualified.
Even though Bio Sculpture is the only 5 Star Safety Rated gel system in the market today, a little extra TLC can help keep your nails looking beautiful and healthy.
This will likely cause the gel to be forcefully removed from the natural nail, bringing with it layers of nail and ultimately resulting in weakened or damaged nails. Whether working in the garden or doing some cleaning around the house, simply wearing gloves can protect your nails from dehydrating detergents and harmful bleaches, resulting in longer lasting wear and shine. Regularly apply Bio Sculpture’s High Gloss Top Coat, which has been specially formulated with a sun filter that protects the Gel from UV light exposure and will keep your talons looking shiny.
Nails grow quick, and after only a week or two you will begin to notice some signifiant regrowth. A Bio Sculpture manicure and pedicure spa treatment is a great way of getting moisture back into your nails, hands and feet. Often mistreated, the cuticles play an important part in nail health, acting as a protective barrier for the fast growing soft keratin that eventually becomes your nails. If neglected, your cuticles may become damaged, dry or harden, and allow microscopic dust and organisms to penetrate the area under the cuticle.
Below are some helpful tips to keep your cuticles healthy, and your nails strong and beautiful!
Like your skin, your cuticles need regular moisturising to maintain their health and structure.

TIP: Be sure to check the ingredients of your Nail Treatments – some nail hardeners and cuticle conditioners may contain toluene sulphonamide or formaldehyde which are irritants and can further damage the skin. All Bio Sculpture Nail Technicians have undergone training to ensure your nails and cuticles are professionally treated and cared for.
Doctors can easily treat cuticle infections with a range of antibacterial and anti-fungal treatments. Bio Sculpture® Gel is the only clinically proven, 5-STAR SAFETY RATED nail system on the market today. Bio Sculpture Therapists have been trained to provide world-class nail care service that can shape, lengthen and condition of your nails without causing any damage to the natural nail! With Bio Sculpture Gel, there are endless possibilities to create custom nail treatments that are healthy and beautiful. All DE LA RUE Beauty, Beauty Therapists are Bio Sculpture technicians and have been trained to provide world-class, bespoke nail care services using Bio Sculpture’s unique 5 STAR SAFETY RATED gel treatments that can be used on any nail type for a range of treatment options. You wouldn’t face harsh elements without a coat, so why leave your nails unprotected Fortify, protect, and harden thin, brittle natural nails with the Original Nail Envy. Colours: 76 colours, 60 of which match Shellac so you can do at-home touch-ups when necessary (not from chips, but from grow-out at the base). There are various brands that produce gel colours such as OPI's GelColor, Gelish, Gelax and Gelous. Process: Base coat, colour coat, top coat, with curing under the LED lamp between each layer. Removal: 15-25 minutes at the salon or at home using special removal wrap pads with special polish remover.
Process: Base coat, colour coat, top coat, with curing under the UV lamp between each layer.
Regardless of which polish you choose, never pick or peel the colour off your nails as you're basically ripping of a protective layer of your nail bed. To find out more about what makes each kind of polish different and figure out which is best for you, keep reading.
Get the latest food + drink, fashion, entertainment, home, health + fitness and travel news sent straight to your inbox. In this way, both hands are being worked on alternately, one in the oven, one being gelled. This ball is transferred to the nail and then pressed and shaped by the stick into a desired shape.
Partly for bling effect and partly to distract from the unsightly red tips, which he refused to get rid of. They looked so ching chong obiang I wanted to rip them off there and then but I had had enough pain for a day.
Actually, call the salons up before going there to ask if they can remove those gel nails of yours.
For starters, I asked for gel nails and have since discovered (I should have done more research first) I got acrylics. My job is to stay at home all day long and churn out entertaining rubbish to keep you happy and amused. Removal should be done by a qualified Bio Sculpture therapist who has been trained on how to safety remove your gel nails without causing any damage.
After about 1 week, easily remove the High Gloss Top Coat with Bio Sculpture’s Polish Remover and reapply a shiny new High Gloss Top Coat layer.
Inspired by nature, Bio Sculpture’s Luxury Spa Range products are infused with heavenly aromatics and nourishing essential oils such as rose geranium, ylang ylang, lavender, mint mask and jojoba, that help keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. This may not only cause discomfort and pain, but may lead to an infection that impacts on the overall health of your nail, and can leave them feeling soft, discoloured or misshaped.
Bio Sculpture products are 5 FREE, meaning they do not contain toluene sulphonamide and formaldehyde, as well as toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde.

Avoid getting gel or polish manicures or pedicures until your infection has gone, or you have received the all clear from the Doc. Absolutely no damage to the nail bed, at least no more than what you'd experience from regular polish. While it doesn't require curing under a UV lamp, the topcoat has UV-reactive co-polymers that utilize natural UV light to form cross-links, hardening more and more with exposure to incidental UV light. Individual bottles of VINYLUX Weekly Polish Color Coat and Weekly Top Coat are $11.90 each. OPI is probably the most widely known of this type of gel polish, which is great if you already have your favourite OPI colours and can't give them up. And for those with a steady hand, there are kits available that allow you to do this entire process at home. Both have UV photo-initiators in them, both require curing under a UV or LED lamp to set each layer and both will give you high-shine, chip-free colour for at least two weeks.
You can read more of her work in WestWorld, Real Weddings, AsiaSpa, Darpan, Wine Enthusiast and others. I’m afraid some places, while experienced in acrylic, might not do gel nails as well. If you really want to remove them, you can get a bunch of nail files (not the metal kind) and file the top of your nails to remove them.
I live in china, shanghai for nearly 3 years and still never have been satisfied with any of these salons. When not doing that, I play video games obsessively, and terrorise the husband with my online shopping bills.
Alternatively, enquire about our DIY removal and home care kits in store at DE LA RUE Beauty, which contains everything you need to safety remove your Bio Sculpture Gel and keep your nails healthy. Removal is an important part of nail health and safety, and should be done by a qualified Bio Sculpture therapist who can safely remove the gel or polish without damaging the natural nail plate. Cutting or trimming cuticles at home increases the risk of breaking that protective barrier, and allowing germs to enter and infect the cuticle or nail area.
Tip: do your manicure during the day and give your hands some direct light to help kick start the curing process. After removal, expect nails to look a little gritty and rough so baby your nails and cuticles for the next week. It is crucial that you go to a well trained Nail Technician, who understands how to provide a safe and healthy manicure service without damaging the cuticle.
Application can be done in salons or at home with kits (you'll need to purchase the special LED lamp for curing).
Their benefits are that they can be applied and removed easily at home using normal nail polish remover and they won't damage your nails. The last time I went, I told the girl to soak my fingers longer so that the gel will peel off, but she said it is long enough and started to use a scraper and started to scrape the gel off. She was extremely rough when filing my nails and my fingers were extremely sore and red the next day.
You can see blood under a couple of nails at the cuticle where she drilled right through my nails.

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