My technique is to use a hot glue gun and therefore the silicone works almost like a pencil for me. In her most recent work pictured above, Turam comes full circle mixing the paper and silicone.
It dawns on me it was probably the first time I took something NOT traditionally thought of as a medium for jewelry (hot glue, spray paint) and went to town with it. No widgets!Add widgets to this sidebar in the Widgets panel under Appearance in the WordPress Admin.
Step 3 – Position the glass cylinder on the fabric, then press the short end of the fabric in place. Step 7 – Now take the rosette fabric and carefully cut out individual rosettes to be used as appliques. Step 8 – Attach the appliques at random around the cylinder with the glue gun or glue dots. Step 9 – Check to see that each applique is securely attached to the lace-wrapped cylinder. Attractive contemporary cake stand entirely crafted of stainless steel with a shabby white finish.

Bounty of color Rubber bands around eggs dipped in dye create funky linear designs on these eggs secured in bird's nests from a crafts store (see next slide for a closeup of the eggs).
DIY "I used Monogram KK which is a free font from Using my Sure Cuts A Lot software I cut the initials from vinyl on my Cricut.
Where the paper sculptures explore relationships between people, communication and crowds, Turam’s new work in silicone takes a closer look at individuality. Years ago when my kids were preschoolers I was in charge of a craft booth at a Chanukah fair. For our project, we measured a piece 13” long by 5” wide (give an allowance of about ? inch when cutting). As a matter of fact, even the most demanding customers have managed to pick one of these designs for themselves. Not only for cake, I would make this for a cookie or cupcake storage :) forget a cookie jar! If you're on a tight wedding budget but still want embellished or customized champagne flutes for your wedding day, there are plenty of DIY options that are inexpensive and easy to do! If you’re on a tight wedding budget but still want embellished or customized champagne flutes for your wedding day, there are plenty of DIY options that are inexpensive and easy to do!

It shimmers like crystal or glass, it is light in weight like paper and it is a direct material.
One of the things I did was make a bunch of squiggles and Stars of David out of hot glue, made sure to make some sort of loop at the top of each and then spray-painted them. Anyway, for all you parents-of-youngsters looking for a fun craft for the kids (you do the hot glue part unless they’re older than little preschoolers) there you go. All in all, the main question that now arises is what you find most interesting as far as these offers are concerned? I was looking for a lace type of effect for the curtain, to be able to look at it from both sides.
Upon reflection, I think that although the kids really liked them, it was the moms who were totally blown away. Upon reflection it also dawns on me I could have sprinkled glitter onto the glue before it hardened.

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