Summary: This glass cabochon design from our customer designer is to show you a fine way about how to make cabochons pendant for attractive results! Cost a few dollars to purchase several clear, smoothing and heavy glass cabochons, then in the below way you will start to try how to make cabochons pendant for any possible jewelry pieces. Picture on paper – the ink should not run, use magazine pictures or laser printed pictures. 1st, place the glass cabochon on the picture and draw a line around it with the pen or pencil. 3rd, apply the white glue to the front of the picture so that the entire picture is coated all the way to the edges. Get loose beads in bulk from top China beads wholesaler online at cheap price for jewelry making. I would like to subscribe Learning Center Newsletter on brilliant craft tutorials, creative ideas, inspiration and more essence. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Sun And Moon FX Glass is crystal clear and ultra smooth, unquestionably the highest quality glass available for making jewelry and keepsakes.
When you adhere an image under our Sun And Moon FX glass using our Sun And Moon Glaze the results are simply magical.
Use our Sun And Moon FX Glass to make handmade jewelry such as pendants, brooches, pins, rings, keepsakes and more. Whether you're a jewelry designer, artist, photographer, or a handmade hobbyist Sun And Moon can help you make beautiful art!
Place the picture on the back of the cabochon; use your fingers to rub the picture so that it is smoothly adhering to the glass cabochon with no air bubbles. Beautiful magnification and beautiful colors is what the Sun And Moon FX Collection is all about.
You can even use our FX Glass to make your own magnet designs for your fridge or office space.
I have collected various of pendants and necklaces, beaded bracelets, bling bling earrings and other amzing accessories!

The example piece in the photo above was made using Sun And Moon products and a printed image of a painting by Amy Giacomelli.
Then slide your decorative paper or image into the punch so that you can see the patterns on the paper. Here, I’m going to share you a simple tutorial about making cabochon pendant necklace. This allows you to see and choose the exact area of the paper that you would like to punch.
To DIY this classic vintage jewelry, you will first get the needed supplies and be sure the size and shape are applicable.

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