Catch the rays of the sun and make your whole yard glow when you make this easy art glass yard decor piece. We found everything we needed between our local craft store, dollar store, and recycling bin. I bet it looks so pretty in the landscaping or garden – I have all sorts of bags of stones sitting around so now I have an idea for what to do with them!

Using just a few materials you can make your own art glass yard decor piece, certain to catch the sun and reflect a fun and rainbow like light all over!
Once the stones have had a chance to dry, poke the dowel rod into the ground and place the jar over the top of it. Make a variety of them to place in your gardens and flower beds as they are sure to add a pop of color and even some fun whimsy to your garden!

The vase fillers should be colored glass, the flat kind found at your local Dollar Tree or dollar store.

Gluing glass yard art
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