We made candle holders using this technique, but you could certainly get creative and add pizazz to any vessel on hand such as a picture frame or wreath.
If you don’t have anything on hard, you can find inexpensive glassware by the bushel at your local thrift shop or dollar store. Decide upon your color scheme -- solid color, rainbow, or alternating, and get your beads together.
Step 2: Snip several strands of beads apart so they are no longer circular necklaces but long strings.
Step 3: Heat up your hot glue gun and carefully add a strip of glue to the rim of your glass working one revolution at a time. If you are using a jar candle or something with a screw-on lid, begin your beading below this uneven part. When you are closing up the first rotation, measure how many more beads you’ll need and trim before closing off the circle. Press down gently on the beads to make sure they have all adhered and the glue has set, and start a new loop below.

Step 4: If you do have small gaps due to uneven beadwork, not to worry -- cut off individual beads and add small drops of glue in the space. Step 5: Allow the glue to completely dry, then add a tea light or small candle if not using a prefilled holder.
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Photo above shows the 4mm Glass beads and German Glass Glitter on the artificial apple.
The beaded and iced artificial fruits are reminiscent of the early German Christmas Trees where fruit and nuts were hung to decorate the tree. You will then be directed to our international shipping partner, iGlobal, who will estimate your order in your local currency and collect payment for your order. Please note that bead sizes are as stated in millimeters in each product page, pictures are enlarged for ease of viewing. MuroGlassTM is a trademark of Murano Glass Beads and signifies that the beads sold in bead stores and in our online shop are Authentic Murano Glass.

Smaller glasses will use less, obviously, while larger will need more, so have several strands on hand, especially for big items like mason jars or large candles. You may notice that some of your beads are held together by fusing two beads -- if possible, cut this double bead out to maintain a smooth look. Continue this process all the way down, preparing and adding new strings of beads as needed. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Save-On-CraftsTerms and Conditionsand Privacy Policy.

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