With a vast variety of glues, choosing the right one for your project can be a little overwhelming. Beacon Kids Choice Glue: Great for paper, wood, felt, leather, shells, beads, sand, fabric, cork, glitter, paper-mache, wiggle eyes, cardboard, tiles and more! EZ Runner -Scrapbook Adhesive: Guaranteed to be archival safe, acid free, acrylic based, lignin free and PAT tested and approved. Stainable Wood Filler: This filler works with both oil based stains and water stains for wood and it works great with wood repairs such as with repairing cracks, nail holes and other small defects in indoor and outdoor wood. Tombow Mono Adhesive: Quick permanent bond instantly glues all types of artwork, photos, and more. November 13, 2012 by jacki 5 Comments If you like a little extra sparkle on your Christmas tree, you’ll love these beaded ornaments!  This is the perfect ornament to make and take to an ornament exchange, and you will be the hit of the party! I like to cover the top cap (the hanger) with bugle beads (they are the long thin bead), but that’s me!  If you are not going to do this, glue the top cap on to the ornament.  Or wrap cap with silver or gold ribbon and glue in place!
Now that the top is dry, we are going to start gluing on the beads, working in small areas at a time.  The reason for this is the glue  is very sticky, so to get the smooth single layer, working in small areas and letting it dry before moving on to next area, will have the best results. If you are like me, you will want to make more than one at a time.  I find working on 4 to 6 at a time, you can keep working, by the time you finish one, another will be dry, keep going and you will have finished all them! I also beaded small 1″ ornaments, and hung them from white glittered branches for a unique center piece. For added fun, I like to make wire hooks in a “S” shape using 14 gauge colored wire!
Was browsing for something different to add to my holiday gift stockings for my family and found these beautiful decorated Christmas ornaments. Home A» Bathroom Help Category -- Also note those subcategories in the orange navigation, above!

Any tried and true methods for preservation balanced with a dash of reality for those of us who need that 5-minute shower? If it were my house, I think that the first potential solution I would explore would be to consult with a tiling professional to see if the top row of maroon bullnose around the tub could be carefully removed… making way to seamlessly continue the pink tile upward. Readers — have any of you confronted the same tile problem as Christi?A If so, what did you do? Also, our craft gurus shared on our blog their favorites and on what surface they use them.
Use low temperature (low setting) glue guns for bonding delicate materials including balloons, ribbon, lace and children crafts. A high performance adhesive formulated especially to give a flexible water resistant bond to difficult to glue surfaces.
CraftFoam Glue is the best non-toxic glue formulated to bond craft foam, safe and easy to use, CraftFoam Glue lets you create kids’ crafts, holiday decoration, school projects and so much more!
Great for glass, wood, plastics, tile, metal, ceramic, rubber, cement, vinyl, leather, fabric, and styrofoam. Use on materials such as paper and cloth, and semi-porous materials such as wood and pottery. Strong and water resistant, Elmer’s SPRAY Glue provides permanent or temporary bond on a wide variety of materials. Repairs crystal, china, photo equipment, sporting goods, auto accessories, household products and toys.
V2 will hold your vellum, embossed vellum, ribbon, acetate, paper, textured cardstock, down flat and cannot be seen.
A» bathtub A» Tiles in tub surround only go halfway up — what to do if you want a shower?Tiles in tub surround only go halfway up — what to do if you want a shower?

Ita€™s in beautiful condition; even the 4A—4 pink floor tile has held up over these 60+ years.
Somebody suggested I simply add tile above the elbow-shaped top tiles, but frankly it looks just as dorky as the PVC.
If the removed maroon bullnose tile (what you call elbow-shaped) could be kept intact during removal, you could use it to finish the front edge of the new pink; that is, make an L-connection with the bullnose running horizontally through the rest of the room. My advice: Consult with a properly licensed professional regarding the wisdom, or not, in this A idea. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazardsA in old homes, materials and products.
Another problem is the block glass window, placed conveniently where I have to stand in order to take a shower. Adheres to plastic, metals, ceramics, vinyl, glass, pained and varnished surfaces, wood, fabrics, leather and more! Great for eliminating crayons on the wall, gum on the carpet, stickers or adhesives on items, tree sap, wax, and lipstick stains. Could anyone suggest where I can find a place that has a variety of colors and large bags of the seed beads please!
Ita€™s all plastered in, and while wea€™ve MacGuyvered a sort-of circular quasi-shower curtain rod out of HIS favorite, PVC, I just want something permanent and comfortable. A On the other hand, gutting and replacing the entire bathroom also will be expensive — and as you say, you sure have a beautiful pink bathroom.

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