The most popular places for guitar inlays are on the fretboard, headstock, and side of the neck.
To understand how guitar inlays break, it's important to understand how they are installed. Since inlays are glued into the guitar, they are just as susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity as the guitar itself. Inlays in the body or headstock usually don't have problems coming loose or cracking because they have finish sprayed with finish that seals and protects them. The last and most infrequent cause of inlay damage that I have seen is a poorly adjusted truss rod. Now that we have a good understanding of what can go wrong with guitar inlays, let's take a look at how to fix them. With a cracked or loose fretboard inlay, you always want to make sure the inlay is centered and lined up before you glue it. Now that your inlay is properly glued in place, there will be a big bump of glue on top of the fretboard or inlay itself.
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Hi Kate, (I thought I replied to this, but may not have.) I have a friend with a local woodworking shop, and he gave me logs. Most modern (low to mid-range) guitars don't use traditional pearl or abalone shells because of the cost. Guitar inlays and inlays in general are basically pieces of material (wood or pearl) glued into another piece of wood like a headstock. I have seen Gibson and Ibanez acoustic guitars' inlays crack or come loose after a bad fall. Since finished inlays like in the headstock or body rarely come loose, I will mainly focus on how to fix fretboard inlays. The main thing is that you keep all the original inlay materials when they break or come loose. Place the inlay in the fretboard and make sure it is in line with the rest of the inlays on the fretboard. A The tiger, which was already cut into five parts, was found in the province of Bac Kan on Thursday following a tip-off that the truck, which was parked at a hotel, was smuggling illegal goods.The tiger parts were contained in five separate sacks and were wrapped in blankets and hidden inside the vehicle. Arrange log slices so that they fit on the board in a way that looks as if they are stacked. After placing log board into the fireplace, we added two screws to the front to keep the board from falling forward. I’ve seen similar DIY’s but love the idea of using the shelf brackets to keep the plywood standing upright without permenantly installing this in the fireplace!
It would be hard to imagine a Les Paul without the classic trapezoid fretboard inlays or a Gibson J-200 without the crown fretboard inlays. If the fretboard is bending right under one of the inlays, the inlay can either crack or come loose.

It's far easier to replace the original ones than to make new ones to match the rest of the inlays.
After the inlay placement looks fine, you can float some super glue around the inlay edges and over top of the inlay.
All you need is enough to cover the edges of the inlay or the cracked portion of the inlay.
Some inlays are just classics, but over time inlays can shrink, crack, and break just like the guitar as a whole. Inlays on the headstock and bridge are decorative and serve no real function; whereas, inlays on the fretboard and side of the neck help number the frets. Next the pearl or inlay material is cutout with a jewel's saw to match the headstock shape. In preparation for the holidays, I wanted to give our formal living room fireplace a much needed facelift.
In this article, we'll talk about how inlays break, how to fix them, and how to prevent your guitar inlays from coming loose in the future. The traditional fretboard inlay placement has inlays on the odd frets from 3-9, the 12th fret, and the odd numbered frets from 15 on up.
Check out my truss rod adjustment article to help properly adjust your truss rod and straighten your neck.
If the inlay piece is loose in the fretboard, you can hold it in place with a toothpick or tweezers while you glue it.

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