This video shows you how to fix the annoying "Open Tray" error that you will occasionally get when you turn on your XBox 360 console. So, to begin, let me first repeat that this fix will only work for an XBOX with a Liteon DVD drive - you can tell your DVD drive manufacturer by looking at the disc tray.
Keeping this issue from recurring will require modification to a component of the DVD drive. This is when you insert the disc, a few seconds later, it'll ask you to open tray again, and then it won't even acknowledge that there's a disc in the tray. You turn your system on and even though the tray is shut and has a disc in it, it says you left it open.
I had fixed this once before on another box, and decided to write a tutorial to help anybody out who may be having this problem. If you are uncomfortable with doing this, you CAN still get your drive to work by simply moving the laser. The very last turn on it, the one closest to the motor, is slightly thicker than the one before it.

Assuming you know how to open up your XBox, you'll be able to see the parts of the disc drive. You can tell the difference by reading the big sticker on top of the drive (which will be visible when you open up the XBOX). So, to keep it from recurring, I decided to work around the worm gear issue by modifying the white grip piece. It consists of two parts, the part where the disc spins on, and the laser, which reads the disc and it sits just a little bit away from the middle of the drive.
The white circle is supposed to be the lens BTW, which was almost completely outside of the radius of the disc on friends box.
I think this causes the white plastic piece tying the laser to the worm gear (which is basically a clamp with two teeth to grip the gear), to get stuck when it slides over this thick turn. The problem occurs when the laser shifts out of position and sits near the outer edge of the disc drive.
Then start to gently knock on the top of your system, if you have it laying down, and eventually it should start to load your disc.

Anyways, the laser rides a worm gear, which slides it from the center of the disk to the far edge so that it can read data imprinted into the disk.
This is because only one of its teeth can catch the track and the other one pops out, causing it to skip and stay put as the worm gear spins. To fix it, simply just move the laser back to its original position and it will work again. If this doesn't work, either open the tray and shut it again, or try restarting your system.
Avoid touching the top of the laser because that is where it comes in contact with the disc and reads the data.

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