Your iPhone 4 will be repaired by replacing it with a brand-new headphone jack which will remedy the issues you are experiencing with your iPhone. If you own an iPhone 4 and have a fault with it and you do not know what the fault is by looking at the repairs on the website, then select this option and we will diagnose the fault with your iPhone 4 even if it appears dead. If you’re not sure how to get it, click on the size, save to your camera roll, or right-click and save to computer. Plus join my Interior Design chat Facebook group.You'll also receive a weekly email notification on new posts, interesting tips, and inspiring things. You should book this repair for your iPhone 4 with a faulty headphone jack if you can not play music through the headphones, or get constant headphone mode when adjusting the volume up or down. You should book this repair if your headphone socket has become faulty or does not work at all. You will get a brand new high quality screen which will remedy the issues you are experiencing with your phone.

You should book this repair if your iPhone 4 front facetime camera no longer works, images are out of focus or blurred.
You should book this repair if your volume buttons donot work, are sticking and you can not turn the volume up or down whilst on a call or playing music, video or games. You should book this repair if your iPhone 4 speaker is not working while playing music, games or whilst using loudspeaker calls.
You should book this iPhone 4 repair if your home button is hard to press, no longer works, sometimes works or you can not activate Siri. You should book this repair if you can not hear the caller, calls are of low volume, distorted or you can not hear at all through the ear speaker at the top of your iPhone 4.
You should book this repair if your iPhone is not charging, is unable to connect to iTunes, or your charging port is damaged internally. If your battery no longer holds a good charge, does not charge at all or if your iPhone 4 wont power on at all.

If you have dropped, cracked or chipped your iPhone 4 back cover we can make it look like new again. Youshould book this repair if your rear camera does not work, images are out of focus, blurred or the flash no longer works. Then go to settings or personalisation, find background and select the size you just saved.
With the iPhones and iPads you shouldn’t need to resize them and with the desktop one (if you don’t know your computer screen size), it might just be a bit of trial and error.

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