It's not a great look if you have black hair and light roots, it can add some digits to your age. A great solution which I have found that works when I am on a film set is to use regular mascara. Flashing your natural hair color though sporting a fabulous blonde tone didn't cease to recruit more and more fans. Both celebrities as well as fans of the cute looks promote dark roots hair styles with pleasure and refined taste.

So I have come up with some quick and easy solution to these problems that we usually notice when we have a special night out. Just use the wand sparingly along the exposed hairs and take a comb and run through it for a ore natural effect. Choose a similar hairdo if you are brave enough to stretch your color job and leave the natural looking and stylish stripped off roots visible. If you have gray hairs and didn't get to go for a touch up just apply sparingly to tone down your color.

These are some of the most dapper dark roots hair styles to consider when opting for your next do.

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