The kit lasts for 2 complete applications and it comes with 3 bottles (brush-on gel, brush-on activator and brush cleanser), 48 short length tips and a massive nail file. Apply the tips on the nails like normal stick-on fake nails; file to level them with the surface of your  nail.
Unlike many other gel nail manicures, the Broadway Nails kit doesn’t require UV lights.
I may pick this up next time I’m in the UK tho, I wonder how good durability will be! Thanks for posting this I had the same problem and saw your comment, they dried in a minute and look great now!
How it works: You are supposed to have the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish color, and apply two coats of that. What I did: Painted my nails with regular polish, then topped it off with the Miracle Gel top coat. After several weeks of using the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish and top coat, I feel like it is high time I post on update on my thoughts of the product! PennyJanuary 12, 2015 at 5:47 AMI use this polish often and it easily lasts 5 days -- which on me is great.
While other polishes simply mimic the look and wear of gel, Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel is part lacquer and part gel manicure system. It’s almost unbelievable how smooth and rich Revlon’s new Gel Envy polish looks after just one coat — you almost don’t need a second. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest from Beauty Blitz delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up to receive the latest beauty news and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. I attended a Wet N Wild event a few weeks ago, where I was introduced to the new Wet N Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel Polish. Wet N Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel comes in a black opaque bottle, which means you’re unable to see the colour selection within, but this helps the light-cured formula within. I’ve tried so many at-home gel polishes, two step programs, and as much as I adore them, these Wet N Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel are so much better. Wet N Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel comes in a wide variety of shades, we’re talking anything from your basic white, black and neutrals to more bold and fun shades of pink, reds and blues. Add to Wish ListCompare this Product Gelartist Top and Base Coat Set 15ml1x Foundation Base Gel 15ml + 1x Top it Off Sealer 15mlEasy to apply - Ideal for professional.. Ever since the whole gel nails mania started I wanted to have mine done, but never really made the effort.
Before moving on to the next nail, dip the brush back into the cleanser, then dip it into the activator to start a new nail. I get my nails done with gelish, they do use UV but i dont find it really damages the nail, it only costs 15 euro each time and it lasts for 2-3 weeks so altho the colour range in my salon is limited I cant really moan. I followed the instructions carefully, but after I finished, my nails still ended up feeling slightly tacky to the touch.
Usually, I give myself at-home manicures, hoping that my polish will last more than one full day before it begins chipping. Afterwards, apply one coat of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat, and head out into the sunlight for 5 minutes or so to cure the polish (optimal results). As someone who gets kitty claw gel extensions that take over an hour to perfect every two weeks, the last thing I want to do is sit around and wait for my polish to dry. The Color Coat formula features oligomers, while the complementing Top Coat is made with photoinitiators. The formula is made with a built-in base coat and features “four nail-hugging polymers and optical brightening pearlescence” that make a $7.99 polish look like a million bucks.

This is the first ever 1-step gel polish from the brand and it promises to provide up to 2 weeks of colour and shine.
It has a rich and creamy formula that applied seamlessly to the nailbed in a single stroke. I’m obsessed with the fact I don’t have to apply a top coat, cause let’s get real, no one’s got time for that. With 18 colourful shades to pick from, you can easily, and effortlessly, switch up your nail colour as your mood changes. Canadian Fashionista is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that focus on personal style, beauty, home decor and so much more! So when I spotted the Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-On Gel Nail Kit (phew!) I thought I’d give it a try. I decided to use the brush-on gel and the activator on my own nails because they were long enough naturally, so I didn’t need to do the whole fake nails application step. I do wish I would’ve done the same as you and just put a few layers over my natural nail though. Between my job this summer-waitressing- and playing hockey several days a week, I am lucky if I can make it 24 hours without a chip in my nails.
I've had professional gel manicures that didn't last that long- again, due to the significant stress I put on my nails. And while many brands claim to give you the effect of a gel without the light, they usually fall flat, too. When the two are combined during application, they cure the formula without LED or UV light. Thanks to the unique plasticizer technology, you’ll notice a crazy amount of shine with no streaks in sight. The two-step system includes a ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat ($7.99, sold separately) made to complement the 30 pretty shades and up the ante on shine. This is perfect for the busy girl on the go, that doesn’t have time to hit up the nail salon weekly or fuss with regular nail polish at home.
It comes with a slightly larger brush than I’m used to, which effortlessly covers the entire nail bed in a swipe or two. I can barely wait the five minutes it takes to dry from the initial coat, let alone wait another 5 to 10 minutes for a top coat to set and dry.
I’d never seen anything like this before in the high street, and it looked quite good. After applying the gel and the activator twice, I waited for about 10 minutes for my nails to dry (they looked amazing without any nail varnish on; so shiny and smooth!), then I applied one coat of nail varnish and one coat of my favourite top coat. So if you’re sensitive to smells, you may want to put on a little mask around your nose and mouth.
I said something about if they feel tacky it’s because the Applicator gel didnt have enough Brush-On Gel to attach and dry to.
Which is why last week, while out shopping, when I saw Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Top Coat (that you don't have to use a UV light to cure!) promising 14 days of wear, I was slightly skeptical yet optimistic. Thus, with my skepticism I only purchased the top coat and put it over my regular nail polish, figuring that assuming I had good results I would invest in the polish colors (10 USD each). Yes, and this works just fine- six days, during which I played hockey, worked out, and did the dishes by hand every day. But now three brands have (finally!) perfected the no-light gel formula that we’ve all been waiting for. Out of all three polishes, this is the only one that doesn’t have a complementary top coat, but rather suggests users apply the Kensington Caviar Base and Top Coat ($11 each). The topcoat, made with film smoothing technology, forms a protective coating on the polish, resulting in a glassy shine and life-resistant wear.

This new superhero is the first, true, 1-step gel formula that’s developed with reactive technology, similar to that used in dental veneers, to provide salon-quality gel manicure at home. It features a highly pigmented formula that provides true opaque coverage in a single coat. So I went out on a limb and added another coat of the Brush-On gel, and about a minute later, my nails were dry, shiny, and looked like I just left the nail salon. At home in the US here I have my own gel polish kit, complete with UV light, but don't bring this over to Sweden.
I recruited two friends, Lisa and Johanna, to help me take them for a spin to see how well they perform. Johanna tested it without either of those and it still looked super glossy and lasted for a little over five days sans chips. I’ve been wearing Pocket Aces (a lovely coral-red) for almost two weeks and it’s still going strong.
Not only is it chip resistant, it’s formulated without any formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates, ensuring it’s safe enough for daily use. If you’re looking for that high-gloss, shiny finish, you may want to apply a glossy top coat?
I have to say this is to be determined- I got mine to last as long as ten days before I was impatient with the color and wanted a new one. The formula will continue to cure from natural light after you’ve already applied, making your manicure more durable over time. It “promises” to provide up to 2 weeks of gorgeous colour and intense shine without fading or chipping.
And as far as staying power, although I didn’t experience the full 2 weeks as promised, it did last a solid 5+ days before chipping, which is a lot longer than most polishes. Forget going to a salon and shelling out 30+ bucks for acrylic nails, I paid 10 bucks for this kit and Wal-Mart and was completely worth it!!! The results I have received so far have impressed me enough where I will be buying more of the top coat and the gel polish colors. Still, only minor chips that were hardly noticeable- so I'm fairly sure it could have lasted the entire time. But since my job requires me to tackle the task of testing polish and offering my tips for fun nail art tutorial photo shoots, I need a more flexible option.
Lisa's lasted for about two weeks with very minimal chipping — pretty awesome considering that she spent all of July 4th weekend in a pool. Although it offers a long-lasting staying power, it’s easy to take off with just a regular nail polish remover. The majority of the colours are extremely pigmented, however, if you’re looking for true opaque coverage, you’re going to want to apply a second coat. Although most of them didn’t lift and I filed the seam down as much as possible, as directed, they still created quite a high ridge where the tips cover the nails. My personal opinion is that you can use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat, with regular polish or Miracle polish, and have great results! How can I get the benefits of gel polish (high shine, long wear, quick drying, streak-free) with the ability to take it all off with a single swipe of remover? Miracle Gel is available in 47 shades, including nudes, pastels and metallics, and comes off with zero effort.
I'm so happy I bought a Miracle polish color and two of the top coats before I came to Sweden (where it is not currently sold)!

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