The first thing we need to do when changing the glass of a door or window is to correctly measure the width and height of the frames and the depth of the rails, to order a new crystal with the correct measurements. Once seated we put under the glass frames and apply caulk all around the glass, and on both sides, for maximum grip. Note that the putty take to dry several weeks so if you have not stopped properly seated and sealed the glass, it can change its position. In some cases, especially in aluminum windows, we find that our glasses are fixed to the frame with a rubber.

Replace the glass of a door or window is one of those jobs that we can do relatively easily. It is also desirable to measure the diagonals of the glass, since often not rectangular frames.
If you do not know how to remove the old window glass, you can see this article where we explain how.
It is desirable that the glass is a little smaller than the total size (width and height over rail over rail) to facilitate expansion.

Can help of a spatula or finger, to achieve a smooth finish at an angle of about 45% to prevent water from collecting in the bottom of the glass. Then placed in the slot filler bottom of the window in order to properly seat the glass over it.

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