Destination wedding attire should be natural, breathable, light, airy and flowing.  The last think you want is heavy layered synthetic fabrics.
Men do best with linen shirts and guayabera shirts linen cotton or kaki type pants.  WE are seeing more shorts and of course flip flops…but leave those old ratty flip flops home. Island Importers had some super sexy dresses when I was looking online….not for the plus sized girl mind you. Low sandals are a must at least for the wedding part assuming that you are actually getting married on the beach.

Robin Manoogian relocated to Mexico in 1999 from New York City where she worked as a Corporate Event Planner and a Director of Trade Shows.
Robin has been an ordained minister since 2003 and performs non denominational ceremonies in Spanish and English throughout Mexico.
Silk linen and cotton do best for your destination beach wedding in Mexico.  Vallarta Vows specializes in Destination beach wedding since 1986.
It amazes me when I see some people come on vacation with old flip flops….buy new ones and live a little.

Her mission at Vallarta Vows is to create affordable beach weddings and she takes pride in her thoughtful intimate wedding ceremonies.

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