If you have already tried to get financing for a skid steer loader and you’ve been turned down for issues like having bad credit you will find this article very informative.
Ok so your bank said they can’t offer financing for your equipment because you do not have perfect credit, but you also have above average credit and you feel you should get better offers.
Recent Posts 6 Ways Medical Equipment Loans Can Help You Choosing the Wrong Company Name for Business Financing Can I Get an Equipment Loan with Bad Credit? Naturally, since your credit is bad, you also run the risk of paying a higher interest rate, and since some can be better than others, it’s always best to reach out to more than one lender. If that sounds close to your situation you need to know that there is still a possible solution. We’ve heard plenty of stories from our past clients where a major bank declined financing because of one small minor flaw on a credit report.

If you would like to learn more about our other equipment programs please feel free to call our office 888-565-6692. Also, even though many car dealerships offer credit-challenged customers the chance to trade their old vehicle in without a significant increase in monthly payments, by refinancing your existing loan interest rates and monthly payments, you will be able to completely pay that car off sooner than later. Again, it’s not for everyone but if you have other collateral that is not leverage (that does not have a loan or lease) and it qualifies with our program you still might the ability to finance some equipment with us! Guess what, of course we have the A through D financing options and if you have that “B” credit we have a home for you as well! Today one of our managers spoke to a business owner who was recently told by a major bank that he was not qualified for financing a loader.
After our representative spoke to the business owner, we were able to find out that he was turned down for financing by the bank but was not really told a reason why.

After speaking to us, he later learned that there are options available for clients whom might have bad credit or less than perfect credit. It’s still amazing to us that consumers assume just because they have some blemishes on their credit they are not able to financing equipment.

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