Whether you call them glitter gels or rockstar nails, there's no denying that the smooth, glassy finish of this gel style is to die for.
Rockstars are fun, whether you're wearing them as a full manicure like this or using them as an accent to nail art.
Using a nylon brush or other stiff bristled brush, brush away any glitter that did not get cured into the base gel. Cleanse the sticky layer off of your nails, and then use a fine grit buffer (240 or higher) to lightly buff the gritty glitter smooth. Gel nails come in an array of colors and apply just like regular polish, but are cured under an LED lamp in two minutes.
Whether you are having troubles growing your nails long or you simple want a long lasting manicure, then you should definitely consider gel nail extensions.
Unlike other do it yourself projects, the gel manicure cannot be improvised with whatever you can find at home.
Soak Off Gel Polish Colors 1 Step Gel Nail Polish, View gel polish, VAL Product Details from VAL USA MANUFACTURER, INC.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Quick and easy to apply, with no UV lamp, the natural look nail extension tips dry fast with the specially formulated activator spray. Unlike other nail extension tips this method does not require the nail plate to be dehydrated. Use a clear base coat under dark or strongly coloured nail polish to avoid staining your nails.
I bought this kit as a friend recommended it to me, absolutely love it, usually go to nail salon to get my nails done, will never go to a nail aalon again now I have this kit, saves so much money doing your own nails, instructions are easy to follow, didn't watch dvd as nails were easy to apply and after painting them, look better than they do when I go to the salon. I brought this product as a cheaper way of having false nails didnt really expect them to be great but thought i would try, i was sooo pleased with the results !
Its an amazing little kit, well worth the price, i have quite long nails so didn't use the tips on my first use but it is so easy to follow the ins ructions. You can make the nails thicker by just repeating the steps but its quite thick on the first application. They're super easy to do -- all you need is your gel foundation and topcoat, plus a loose glitter of your choice.

Some of the students there had previously learned different methods, so there are other ways to do these, but I think this process produces the best (and sparkliest) results.
Push back your cuticles, remove any dead tissue from the nail plate, buff your nails, and cleanse with a nail cleanser solution and a lint free wipe. I like to do this over a piece of paper or a small paper cup so I can put the extra glitter back into the jar afterwards. You can be pretty vigorous with this, as most of the glitter should be cured onto the nail.
You don't need to use cosmetic grade or solvent resistant glitter, because it won't have a chance to bleed into the gel.
Gel nails last for up to three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 10 minutes (Note: we never soak your fingers in acetone but rather put acetone soaked cotton on your nailbeds only).
The great thing about gel nails is that although they require a lot of hard work, you can do them yourself, in the privacy of your home. You need a professional kit which should include: UV nail gel, UV drying lamp, nail primer, nail brushes, nail file, nail buffer, nail tips, cuticle pusher, q tips and cuticle oil. With plastic tips, the first thing that you need to do is find the right size of tips and adjust their length. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The specially developed acrylic dipping powder gives you thin, natural-looking nails quickly and easily that look great with or without polish. Try to meticulously remove all residual cuticle cells from the nail plate before proceeding to the next stage and do not touch the nail plate after the preparation stage to prevent contamination with skin oils.
Excellent product, placed an order today to stock on a few items for when I need to use the kit next, would highly recommend the kit to anyone. I've been doing my own gel nails now for 5 months so i though just as a quick addition i would try out the acrylic kit. It is amazing, doesn't take too long to do, the nails just last and last because they are so strong, had mine on for well over a month now! Lightly tap your nails to remove any excess glitter, but remember that the nails aren't cured yet! At school, we used the Recollections glitter sets from Michaels (don't forget your coupon!).

However, in order to do this you need some professional supplies which you can order over the internet as well as a solid set of instructions. If you use a tip blender or acetone to blend your tips, the nails must be washed thoroughly with mild soap before applying the resin. The only problem is that no nail clippers are included but luckily i already had these as i'm training to become a nail technician. When used correctly it works so well, i have so much powder left, hardly any resin has been used and there is only a little used out of the activator. The next step can be rather unpleasant as you need to consistently buff your nails until you remove the natural shine. Some people adjust the length of the tips after gluing them to the nail but it can be easier to do it before applying them. The nails last such a long time had mine on for 6 weeks then took them off because they had grew out abit however they wasnt ready to come off i think they would have lasted abit longer ! When people say that there was nothing left over or not enough they obviously didn't follow the instructions very well or over compensated on how much they used. When you order them, they come in a very big size in order to be fitted for various nail sizes.
This may seem like an unnatural procedure but it will ensure a better adherence of the gel to the nails. If you don’t apply the tips perfectly from the first attempt, you can use nail polish remover in order to dissolve the glue and try again.
At this point you should do a little buffering so that there isn’t too much of a difference between the thickness of your natural nail and the tips. The nail forms are conical shaped stickers which you attach to your finger and beneath your natural nail tips. You then apply gen on the nail and on the forms in order to prologue the length of your nails. The great thing about a gel manicure is that it lasts longer and you can experiment with sophisticated nail designs.

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