If your Playstation 3 experiences a flashing yellow light, or the lights going from green to yellow, then blinks red, then we can fix it for you. Please note that you will find that some repair shops offer an express service for this repair. Solder connections on processors seem to be a very common failure point in modern electronics.
Heat masking is always important in finished-production boards, but so is selecting the right gun and method; larger BGAs can often be a hassle as well, since they cover more surface area. In the last couple of months I have also been lifting chips and reballing with my hot air gun, I have yet to lift a pad so I still can’t justify the cost for a rework station.
However, this will never provide a long term fix for laptops with the defective Nvidia chips. I have tried this on many HP laptops that come through our workshop only to have repeat failures.
JB weld ahs been known to transfer heat surprisingly well, not sure if it qualifies as a High Heat epoxy.
I use 250W reflector infrared lightbulb beneath motherboard distanced some 20 centimeters to preheat it.
After I am done with heatgun (tricky part) I leave reflector on for some 10 mnutes to prevent warping of motherboard.
Oh also once you make the fix, update your BIOS to the latest version or it will happen again (fan fix) and make sure your heat sink is free of dust bunnies. In those cases, I pre-heated the oven to 385 degrees and placed the card on tin foil with small tin foil balls holding the card up off of the supporting surface. I do BGA rework for a living, and people doing this stuff at home astonishes me, we use 80k$ machines, and very complicated profiles to ensure the board is properly preheated, and that the part heats up evenly. Online shopping for Hair Dryers, Ionic Blow Dryers, Conair Dryers, TS-2 Hair Dryers from a HAZARDS blow dryer hazard yellow sign 1 T-Shirt is commercial quality high resolution heat transfers garment.

Products like the CHI GF3000N Nano Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer – Blue, T3 Featherweight Journey Travel Hair Dryer, 1 ea, and more. Read product reviews, find discounts, free shipping and special offers on Conair Yellow Bird 1875watt Hair HAZARDS blow dryer hazard yellow triangle 1 T-Shirt is commercial quality high resolution heat transfers garment. The goal here is to be much less destructive and that’s why the first step is to test out how well your heat gun will melt the solder. The issue is actually with the bumps that connect the die to the substrate, not the solder balls that connect the substrate to the motherboard. I have used the metal infused version (original formula) to repair crack in oem chevy small block 350cid intake 4bbl manifold that had not penetrated into the intake stream that originated on the block underside that was hidden by the oem heat shield. Just pop the board in upside down with a weight attached to the desired part, turn the oven on, and wait for a clang. You don’t want to heat up or cool down things too fast and neither do you want to be in the actual soldering temperature area for too long. I left it in the oven for 8 minutes and then let it cool to room temperature and re-installed.
Leaded solder will melt at a lower temperature than lead free, solder paste will melt at a different temperature again.
You’d be amazed at what can happen due to thermal stress, and differential rates of thermal expansion and propagation.
The cause of the problem was the crappy heat sink design and the HUGE pad of thermal paste (about 2mm thick).
We use the best reflow techniques and the most rigorous testing process to ensure that the repair is of the highest quality and most reliability.
This time around the problem is a malfunctioning Nvidia GPU on an HP Pavilion TX2000 laptop. Place a chunk of solder on a penny, hold the heat gun one inch above it and record how long it takes the solder to flow.

I managed to keep one limping along for a month or two, pulling it apart every couple of weeks to give it a new blast of hot air. I also use a cheap electric skillet underneath and a cheap IR thermometer to get the correct reflow profile. It held for over 40k miles then the guy I sold the car wrecked (totaled) it but engine still ran correctly. If the heatgun is able to melt the tin under the chip in less than 5 minutes it is probably too strong. Once you have the timing right, mask off the motherboard (already removed from the case) so that just the chip in question is accessible.
I am curious if your just using JB weld as a adhesive for heat transfer to mount heat sink or something else?
If the hardware is older, and the alternative to fixing it is to throw it away, you should try to reflow the solder connections on the chip. If you’re worried about the substrate, you can bake the board at a low temperature to remove any moisture. Hopefully once things cool down you’ll have a working laptop or gaming console again. I usually bake at 100C for 8 hours (be sure there isn’t anything that will melt!) you can do a lower temp at longer times though.

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