The Royal Nails Professional Uv Light Gel Nail Dryer is designed to dry and cure polish after a manicure or pedicure.
After your manicure, you need to wipe the tacky film off your nails with a cotton ball and alcohol. For the utmost in nail beauty, Gelish treatments give you style and sophistication quite literally at your fingertips. The varnish dries instantly with the aid of a UV light, so rather than spending ages at home waiting for them to dry at Orchid Beauty Spa you can enjoy beautiful nails in an instant.
Please note that this treatment can be added to our Divine pedicure or manicure packages for just ?10. Based in Brackley in Northamptonshire, Orchid Beauty Spa’s top quality beauty treatments will leave you looking and feeling your very best.
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Wi-Fi and satellite TV, you will be enjoying the full nail care and spa services from our skill technician, hundreds of colors for you to choose. Sanitation is always our first priority, all the instrument are sterilized after every use. We use top of line pipeless spa chair to prevent circulation of bacteria, besides the procedures to disinfect the tubs after each customer, we also follow the state board of cosmetology instruction to disinfect the pedicure wash tubs at the end of each day.
Men and women with thick or fungal nails, any patient with discoloured or slight imperfections in their toenails, or any patient that would like perfect looking nails for an occasion can benefit from this service. The Wilde-Pedique’s system is a one component, light cured, Acrylester resin developed specifically for corrective and restorative toenail treatments. Wilde-Pedique is an effective treatment for clients who have nails damaged by trauma, thickening of the nails (Onychauuxis), corns under the nail plate (Subungal) and for those who may have an infected nail matrix (fungal) and who may be taking, orally, a systemic fungicide to deal with any internal infection. The overlay is also effective with scaly surfaces, in-growing toenails, ridges, deformations, masking discoloration and for protecting newly growing toenails. The resin is especially ideal for important occasions like weddings and parties where a nail can be applied as a temporary measure to skin if the whole nail has been lost.

Gelish is a non-chip nail varnish which, once expertly applied by our friendly and experienced nail technicians, will leave your nails looking elegant and fashionable. We believe you will be able to have suitable option that meet your style and requirements and will have a relaxing and satisfying moment here. It has hypoallergenic characteristics with no specific contra-indications to its usage, along with durability and a high quality finish that does not discolour. The resin, which is an elastic gel, adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet and will protect the bone beneath the nail plate area by acting as a scaffolding and shock absorber. This treatment is highly affordable and will leave your nails looking glamorous for up to 21 days, so whether you’re planning for a grand social occasion, or simply wish to be pampered, our Gelish treatments could be just what you’re looking for.

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