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If your tires aren't gripping the road like they used to, it might be time to get them replaced.
It’s important to understand that there is no such thing as a “one solution fits all” when it comes to internet marketing. Although each project is different our approach is always broken down into the following three phases. In Phase 1, we focus on defining the specific project goals, the tools to be used, and the strategies for implementing those tools. We will analyze your website, your Facebook page (if it exists), your reviews…your entire web presence.
This phase typically lasts 2 weeks and the primary deliverable is a Project Plan that is specifically tailored to meet your objectives.
In this phase, we assume responsibility for operating your online presence while you focus on running your funeral home. Epicor, founded in 1972, specializes in developing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for companies operating in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, service and hospitality industries. As a Michelin master dealer, we have access to affordable yet dependable tire options for your car.

As your first line of defense during evasive manuevers and inclement weather, tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If you do the wrong thing online your reputation can be ruined and your funeral home that has been passed from generation to generation will cease to exist. Whereas one client may need to focus on driving more traffic to the website another may need to focus on repairing a reputation that has been damaged by an unethical competitor.
This phase typically lasts 4 weeks and includes tasks such as setting up all social media accounts, fixing specific website seo problems, implementing link building campaigns to promote websites, creating videos, etc. Also, while Epicor only offers a single ERP brand, it tailors versions specifically for five areas: manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, and professional services.
Based on this research we will develop a one page customized SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats). For example, we may fix your Google Places page so that it ranks better in the Google search results. In this phase we will also be creating the initial content to be used throughout your internet marketing such as articles, blog posts, or email content.
Its business solutions software is further tailored to specific customer needs, and it is available in more than 30 languages.
Each version has industry-specific tools, but all Epicor products are complete ERP solutions, providing a single, comprehensive frame of reference for use by management and employees in order to improve efficiency.

We will review the SWOT analysis and work with you to develop an internet marketing game plan that is perfectly suited to your funeral home.
The Austin, Texas-based company operates development centers in North and Central America, Europe and Australia. In addition to ERP software, Epicor produces customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) products, as well as tools for human capital, product and financial management. Its approach to market-specific ERP systems resulted in revenue of $840 million for the year 2011.
Its business software solutions packages are scalable, so they are suited to businesses of all sizes. Its dedication to its clients is perhaps best represented by its annual Insights conference for customers.
Some of its clients, for example, began using Epicor ERP products as small businesses, then went on to grow into billion-dollar operations. Also, each of its clients is afforded access to the company’s team of experts for support issues.

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