Simply open your handy graphics editor app like PhotoShop or in my case Pixelmator and create a new image that is 512×512 pixels. I have been looking all over for instructions on how to make iPhone icons for my blog and they've all been so complicated.
The script should be conversational and easy to listen to.  Keep to simple language and short sentences.
Be explicit in your script to ensure the script writer, narrator and podcast producer all understand the approach being taken. To create a podcast yourself, I suggest using software that will provide a better quality than the native PC Widows audio recorder (which only produces WMA files). This same approach can be used to record audio files for inputting into e-learning courseware. The E-coach BlogVisit regularly to read or listen to insights in organisational e-learning from the Academy's e-coach, Alison Bickford.
It’s pretty much the same steps even though the screenshots are of iOS6 with the only change being what you name the file.

Btw I checked out your tech4eleven site and you've done a great job on it ?? If you need more help you can comment here or contact me directly through my contact page. Never heard of that before, but glad it worked out and might help others if they run into a similar issue. I don’t want to use the root directory location as there are other images saved in my root folder and its automatically picking one of them? We'd like to create an interim audio podcast to provide this information in a simple and accessible format.
Simply choose your narrator from the website, send your script for a quote, and advise your audio file format. It is one of the best microphones on the market that plugs straight into a PC USB input i.e. Name it apple-touch-icon.png only as Apple is no longer supporting the precomposed overlay feature. Increasingly, website owners will be required to provide audio alternatives for written material to satisfy user accessibility.

If they are likely to be office workers listening from an office PC, then keep the script to one topic of 2-3 minutes duration.
Consider using a short music intro and outro to anchor your podcast, particularly if you intend to create multiple podcasts. Having an explicit script (like the example above) helps to ensure all parties are on the same page in getting the outcome that's required.
It's a little fiddly to master, but it provides clear audio output in WAV, WMA and MP3 formats. Why not add the blog RSS feed into your favourite news aggregator to receive updates automatically. This can be achieved though services such as Readspeaker. However, if you don't have this website provision, or if you prefer not to have a digitalised voice on your website, then consider creating your own audio podcast to accompany website text.

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