OVEN CURE: put painted glasses (that have dried for 72 hours) on baking sheet and then into a cold oven.
I wanted to create a box around my monogram so I taped it off using Martha Stewart Craft Paint Stencil Tape. Since of course I wanted a more dimensional turquoise glitter paint, I mixed both blue and green together. Just like the gold glass, dab much more glitter paint onto the top of the glass and much much less towards the bottom of the glass. As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture a€“ We Love Seeing Your Creativity! I'm going to try the pink idea, since I think it may work better with the roundness of a wine glass. I incorporate the initial idea into the first one shown with the glitter fading up and they still came out looking very good.
I used the Martha Stewart paints from Michael's and downloaded the store's app to my phone and got a 40% off coupon for my purchases.
That with Libbey Champagne Flutes from Bed Bath and Beyond with another coupon the project cost me less than $20 for the four glasses I needed. I glittered 5 glasses last night and they turned out great until I went to pull the letters off. I was wondering if anyone had tried mixing the gold design with the monogram design and if they had how it looked. I did 3 coats of paint like you said and the blue painter tape and all of the letters peeled off, I used cursive letters do you think maybe they were too swirly and that is why? Love these glasses, I actually got here from another blog that used modge podge and glitter.
Hi La, I don't feel comfortable answering your question 100% because I haven't actually tried that combo. I made some martini glasses for my bridesmaids using your technique and they turned out great! I've purchased champagne glasses from dollar tree and had them etched with my bridesmaids name. In the process of waiting for the first coat to dry, and I'm wondering how you clean your foam pouncers? I found this on Pinterest and can't wait to make them this weekend for a friend who is having me as a weekend guest in a few weeks!
I used your techniques with the Frost Etching Effect tinted with pink and they turned out amazing! July 19, 2012I’ve been working on so many big projects lately (like the stairs, painting, and this chair) that I wanted to take a quick break and create something super quick and easy to share with you. I never get the nerve to throw the bottles away and have been stockpiling them in my garage waiting for a DIY project to pop into my head. Starting at the back of the bottle, I added a small dab of hot glue and attached the end of the rope.
A very elegant Molotov cocktail, I feel its almost to pretty to throw through a starbucks window.
So upon first viewing the picture I too, thought this was a crafty way to use a molotov cocktail.
Begin covering the jars by adding a medium layer of Mod Podge to the side, placing a piece of fabric down and Mod Podging over the top.
Choose the acrylic shapes that you want to use on each jar (you can see in the main photo what I used, a circle and rectangle). Glue your embellishments to the front of the acrylic shapes, and glue ribbon to the jars. Glue your embellishments on or tie to the lip with baker’s twine as shown. I finally made my mason jar soap dispensers!  This project has been on my to do list for quite a while! At this point I spray painted the lid and pump to match and then screwed the lid onto my mason jars.
As for me, I'll just have to live with the peeling paint unless I can find a remedy.  But I still think the dispensers are really cute!
Thanks!I actually spray painted the outside of the jars because I was also worried about the paint leeching into the soap.
Do you think that you might have better results on a plastic pump using spray paint for plastics?
Hi, Linda, I'm new to your blog -- just discovered it through Pinterest -- & thought this idea was so cute! I have the exact same dispenser from Target and after only a few months it has started to rust and rot away!
Awesome idea:) If you go to Walmart and buy Classico spaghetti sauce (the best buy and taste in my book!), it will be the jar on the left side, the Mason Atlas jar:) So head on out there to get what will be become your favorite sauce and make lots of these for next Christmas!!! My recommendation would be to buy a spray paint primer for metal and spray the pump and lid with the primer first. For the paint to stay on you need to treat the metal before hand with a product that gives it a little texture. I'll have to find a nice pump and try this, I have a beautiful old blue mason jar just waiting for some attention. Bed Bath and Beyond sells very inexpensive soap dispenser pumps in oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and chrome! One of my favorite things to craft with is recycled items… You know, all of those household items that would normally get thrown away or sent out for recycling.

While there were many obvious choices for items to use to make an Easter basket craft, an almost empty, 2-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi caught my eye.  Since there was barely enough to warrant dirtying a glass and no one was around, I chugged the remainder of the bottle, washed it, and headed to my craft room.
To mark a straight cutting line, tear off a piece of masking tape that is long enough to fit around the bottle. This plastic bottle Easter basket craft is very flexible, you can make a basket using the same supplies as I did, or vary them as needed. This easy project will make terrific bridesmaid gifts, or wonderful toasting glasses… but even if you aren’t planning a wedding these glam glasses make drinking champagne even more fabulous! Since we are using the Martha Stewart Craft Paint, after these glasses cure… they are dishwasher safe! All three styles will need at least two coats of paint and at least one hour of drying time in between each coat. After the 21 days is up, the paint will be completely cured and will be ready to use and wash – even on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
Turn to 350* and set the timer for 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let the glasses cool down inside the oven completely. Be careful with the curve of the glass, measure it out if you need to and don’t get discouraged if it takes you a few times to tape it off evenly. Since I wanted a really bold monogram square, I used three coats of paint, with an hour of drying time in between each coat.
You might even want to softly slide an Exacto knife along the edge of your design and the tape to make a clean brake. For this design I wanted to create the opposite look of the gold glass… hot pink glitter sneaking down the glass away from the rim.
I am making a modified version of your "will you be my bridesmaid" box and made these to put in!
Sometimes in tutorials it seems like you go from photo to photo and wonder "wait, what happened in between those two!?" but this is just perfect and suuuuch a cute idea! You might want to look for stickers at a scrapbooking store, or in the scrapbooking section at Michaels. Otherwise when you wash them the paint could start to peel off, especially the glitter type.
We like the way they came out but I see what you mean about pouncing enough to move the paint around.
I am sure there is a great paint pen that you can use - I just don't know of any that will hold up as well as the Martha Stewart Craft Paints. I'm thinking about incorporating the initial idea a glass with the glitter floating up too, can you post a photo? For this specific project I am ONLY recommending the Martha Stewarts Glitter Paint within her new line of craft paint - as pictured. As long as you oven cure them as stated, they hold up great - I just don't scrub the glitter area too hard!
It added so much character and have had so many complements on something that took so little time or effort!!! I put 3 coats of the Martha Stewart glitter paint on each glass and let then dry for 2 days. First, I don't recommend using electrical tape - blue painters tape would work much better or the stencil tape that I use in my tutorial.
I love these designs and I'd like to do something like the gold and monogram together for my wedding reception glasses. I thought this would be fun for a 60th birthday party but would need to do about 50 of them and cost wise plastic would be far better than glass. It is super easy to do this on plastic, same steps as above - obviously without oven curing them!
The oven-cure method listed is ONLY for Martha Stewarts line of Craft Paint, sold at Michaels Craft Stores.
I was thinking of putting these down and every guest can have a personalized favor as well as use them for the champagne toast. I am thinking of doing the monogramed version on wine glasses for my best friend for her shower gift, for the wedding party to use at the reception.
The letter ones turned out cute- but the gold climbing up the glass I have two questions about. I was wondering of you think using modge podge and glitter but then using Martha stewarts craft paint to seal it and just hand washing them would work?
Hand washing gently might be totally fine with the glitter and modge podge alone, if the other tutorial says it works - then it might!
All I did was run them under water, squeezing and squeezing the sponge out until the water ran clear. Place your fabric onto a non-stick surface (like wax paper) and paint a medium layer of Mod Podge on top – let dry. Optional step: add Dimensional Magic to the front of the acrylic shapes for a glossy look and let dry. If you want to decorate a cake-in-a-jar and you already baked it, just make sure to keep the mason jar lid on when Mod Podging so that nothing gets on your food.
I love the look and idea of these, but my paranoid, safety-obsessed mind keeps thinking about spray paint leeching into the soap.Very, very cute. Because of this, when I feel the urge to create something, I find myself digging through my kitchen for supplies before I even hit my craft room.
If you don’t have sandpaper, you can run a bead of hot glue around the top edge of the basket.  Glue the two ends of the chenille stem, across from each other, just inside the top edge of the basket.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Links to any page on this blog are always appreciated and photos may be used with a link back, provided that full and clear credit is given to Sherri Osborn at About Family Crafts. They were all made by Dobrinka Stancheva, who was trying to show that the piles of useless junk can turn into many beautiful things! I don’t know of any problems that oven curing causes, but the bottle says air cure only! When the paint is partially dry, remove the tape – you can even softly run an Exacto knife along your design and the tape for perfect tape removal.
You cannot use big lumps of paint - evenly coat the pouncer as well as the glass - it might be difficult if you are using a paint brush or a different type of tool. But, if you leave your comment on the post below, one of Martha Stewarts crafters will answer your question. I'm hosting a NYE party and the vendor that was going to professionally print my flutes flaked at the last minute. I recommend the oven-cure method for any glass project because glass is such a slick surface and normally paint has a hard time adhering. You can also try pulling the tape and stickers off when the paint has dried for like a half hour - that way it isn't completely hardened. It sounds like it would come out exactly as I want it to since I didn't really want the monogram as dominating as the original design. I would definitely not oven-cure your glitter glue unless the directions approve using it on glass and oven-curing it. The metallic might be a cool thing for the guys - it would work perfectly if you are doing the monogram version.
I don't think so, but i wanted someone else's opinion, but do you guys think that a green glitter on the glasses is too girly?
The top of the glass that had less glitter- first I couldn't get the top border even and didn't like how visible the circles from the pounces were, and then the less glitter the more you can see the rest of the paint which seemed to dry funny and left the glass looking more dirty in that area.
The other day I tried it with really thin stickers and I very gently pulled the stickers off before the paint dried completely and it was much better - you just have to be very careful when pulling the stickers off that you don't smudge your paint.
You can cure as many at a time as you can fit in your oven :) Send me a few pics when you are done! The sponge comes out of the white holder and it is best to clean them while the paint is still wet!
Because of the glitter in the paint you won't get even coverage and it's harder to fade the glitter up the glass using a regular paint brush. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial and the inspiration to make my own for my wedding this summer!! On the plus side though, I found pumps (without bottles) at Bed, Bath and Beyond for I believe only $2.99 and they come in all different colors of metal. For the pump I bought Walmart brand liquid soap for .88 cents, but I hate the soap so I dumped it out and just used the pump.
I taped my line using Martha Stewart Craft Paint patterning tape… be careful with the curve of the glass, it might take you a few times to get the tape line straight. If you feel you are getting a large lump of glitter you can dab it towards the area that needs to be filled in. I tried going around the letters with a knife and even a needle but there was no saving it! It looks nice sitting there too, but the monogram doesn't stand out as much as it does in the original design because there is so much glitter all the way around the glass. My favorite thing about Martha's new line of craft paints is that it's truly 'multi-surface', and can be oven-cured on glass to become dishwasher safe.
The glitter is great for the females and i know Martha makes craft paint that comes in pearl and metallic but I'm not sure if it will transfer with the same effect. I saw other paints on Michaels website but I'm worried the other paints won't look as beautiful as yours :-) Thanks for the help!! If you want the look for the wedding it's one thing - making guys happy with glitter paint is another! You can use anything you have on hand to decorate the basket – sequins, Easter felt shapes, buttons, etc. I ended up peeling off every bit of paint and it looked like the glass had never been painted at all! I've also seen some at thrift stores and have seen people just use the plastic ones that come on the diposable soap dispensers.
If you must see it dry - right away - try hitting it with your blow dryer for a few seconds.
I plan to push to finish the painting today and hopefully cure them tonight (Wed) and need to use them Saturday evening. If you are getting lots of white bubbles, that means your pouncer was wet when you combined it with the paint. I plan to use window decals to personalize underneath the base and will need to handle them before Saturday to do that part.

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