Homemade Christmas gifts are great to give people that otherwise seem like they have everything. I learned how to make these homemade tortillas even before I knew they were called tortillas.
In a measuring cup, mix water and oil.  Add to the dry ingredients one tablespoon at a time, mixing with a fork after every additon. Transfer to a floured working space and knead for 5 minutes, dusting with flour as needed to prevent from sticking.
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In a bid to squeeze a little more life out of my Mk I CNC machine I have embarked on a number of improvements. After being both inspired and frustrated with a home made Renishaw type touch probe I came up with a simpler alternative. One that could be made with minimal tools, be more reliable, adjustable and above all, (eventually) look sweet!. You don’t have to be living frugally in order to give people homemade Christmas gifts either.

Because these people are generally the hardest to shop for (you can try and give them a gift voucher – but it is likely you give them one every year). Thaw in refrigerator before use.  I do not recommend microwaving as they tend to get hard and chewy. You can also use dried ground herbs such as thyme, oregano, black pepper or jalapeno powder. For some reason I thought you needed one of those tortilla presser things…but your way is way better! You might also consider making a collage of photos of the times you have spent with the recipient of the gift. An example of a decent homemade Christmas gift is homemade cooking – especially if the recipient has complemented you on the way you cook in the past. This is particularly good to give Grandparents or family members who are close to the children but don’t get much of a chance to see them. If you are making something like this always think about how the item is going to be displayed. Homemade conserves and cookies are not only great as a gift but they can be bought along to the Christmas festivities in order for everyone to share in their goodness.

If you have sort of woodworking or metalworking skill then you may be able to make some pretty neat homemade Christmas gifts.
If you are in a financial situation to have something like this framed then go forth and do so.
The first picture of the little mower with the bucket sure must have been interesting to use !!!
Consider giving someone a sculpture or if asking if they need any furniture made or repaired.
A nicely framed photograph of a family occasion or of you for the recipient to put somewhere special is a great gift and it comes from the heart rather than the hip pocket.
Listen to requests for things like this before going out and buying a gift for the person – something you make yourself will be much more appreciated than anything you can buy. People don’t expect gifts (for the most part) so there is no shame in giving them something that has been homemade.

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