Description: Transparent silicone is chemically inert with no odor or outgassing properties in its solid state. LOCA not only increase the optical properties,the vibration resistance and impact strength but also reduce condensation. LOCTITE EA 3430 is a five-minute, 2-component epoxy adhesive that ensures an optically clear bond line. Since the start of his career in engineering, Adolf Seide has been involved in the development of rubber calendar and extrusion machines and has many years of experience working with a number of renowned plastic sheet extrusion machine manufacturers.

The present state-of-the-art film and sheet extrusion technology still leaves plenty of room for further development. It offers perfect transparency and is designed for optical applications, such as touch panel and optical substrates bonding. High-efficiency equipment, ergonomics and human factors in the workplace have always been the focus of attention.
This core competence enabled him to construct innovative equipment for optically clear sheets and high-tech plastics, e.g.

Due to the very clear bond line, it is also the product of choice for bonding glass, decorative panels and display.

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