Next, lay-out the components next to the body.  This will give you a clear indication of the wire lengths that you should use. Next, connect the switch as shown in the picture.   Insulate all connections with heat shrink tubing.
Next, extend the black -Vin wire and mount the components in the tube.  Pass the red and black power wires through the tube to exit on the back end.
Pass the wires through two of the heatsink channels, and mount the LED to the heatsink.  Use just a tiny bit of heat conductive grease between the LED and the heatsink. Use 4-40 stainless-steel screws with nylon insulating washers to firmly mount the LED on the heatsink. Lastly, insulate the ends of both connectors (jack and plug) to ensure that they don’t short with the enclosure. Good job its one of those things i wish i had of thought of, now to teach my kids to use a soldering iron. High intensity LED lighting offers the ability to dramatically increase PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) which designates the spectral range from 400 a€“ 700 nanometers for the growth of photosynthetic organisms while lowering energy input. LEDs do not produce any ultra-violet radiation that is harmful for living organisms and do not contain any toxic mercury that is harmful for the environment.
Since LEDs turn on to full brightness without having to warm up, you can instantly light up your aquariums without the wait.
The secret to our cool running top is our artistic canopy which houses an efficient aluminum heat sink for fast heat dissipation. Our unique 3-Stage Filter Media Basket can host a variety of chemical medias to suit your needs.

Our redesigned Ocean Pulse Duo now incorporates a memory chip for flawless performance after a power failure.
This contemporary design lifts the aquarium off the pedestal with 4 chrome cyclinders to showcase your living reef. This guide will assist you with project ideas, tools required and information required to build your LED project.
For non-demanding purposes, an electric powered (20-40W) soldering iron easly purchased from Dick Smith for under $10. Now we've got everything covered, what's left is the components and this is what our store provides you with. Now you can work out using the calculator which LED has the greater Luminous Flux or in other words, the actualy light that falls on a sufrace. I intend to document the procedure I use for manufacturing printed circuit boards using my milling machine controlled by LinuxCNC's Enhanced Machine Controller.
The FR-4 (fiberglass) circuit board material will quickly destroy any HSS tool, so using only solid carbide is a must. This board is the Pminmo design and was produced on the mill to be used as an A axis driver.
Our new LED illumination system is now offered in two different models to accommodate mid to low light corals with our a€?Intermediatea€? and high light demanding corals with our a€?Professionala€? series!  Our LED lighting delivers the power of halides and the broad coverage of T5 lighting with over 10x the lifespan. These solid state components are extremely durable and prevent accidental lamp breakage through handling associated with fluorescents.
These revolutionary diodes radiate heat upwards and away from the water to reduce unwanted heat transfer that can be detrimental for aquarium livestock.

The water is directed into our 3-Stage Filter Media Basket, which is installed with a mechanical sponge, chemical activated carbon, and biological ceramic rings.
Cleaning is especially easy, since all you have to do is lift up on the basket handle and watch the water drain out the bottom for a simple and dry filter change. It offers a chiller storage compartment with pre-installed side vents for needed airflow and a shelf for storage. If mobility becomes an issue or you want to work around the car without having to work your way around the power cable, you might want to get a butane gas soldering iron and look for the Iroda brand.
There are non-lead containing solder but sometimes don't flow as well as the leaded ones do. If you have any queries regarding which LEDs to choose, do not hesitate to send me an email me.
It requires less energy consumption, is cool running and offers beautiful shimmering while being eco-friendly. A thermal protector is also added to automatically shut of the lighting system in the event the fans fail, it will automatically turn back on once temperatures reach safe conditions.
We recommend leaving the activated carbon in chamber three with a small piece of the mechanical sponge before the water exits to prevent algae clogging pumps. LEDs are also come in a variety of viewing angles or in other words how wide the light is projected.

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