While many applications are ideal for Mercury vapor lamps, they are being challenged by the higher efficiency and better color balance of metal halide and ceramic metal halide lamps, and LED technologies.
As in any lighting design, typical lighting design considerations for mercury lamps should include, first and always, the application. Mercury vapor lamps have been used in lighting applications, from streets and parking lots, to landscape lighting, to factories and gymnasiums since the 1940a€™s.
EYE Lighting high performance products have earned a global reputation for excellent color rendering, long-life, reliability, and superior qualitya€¦ testimony to its multiple ISO Certifications, including an ISO 17025 accredited lab. The latest addition to Mimaki’s family of UV LED flatbed printers, the JFX200-2513 delivers unparalleled results to expand the potential for professional sign and graphics companies. Attention should be paid to ink adhesion, even though it will print onto almost any substrate, levels of adhesion do differ between materials. The Mimaki JFX200-2213 prints up to 8 sheets of 8ft x 4ft (2,440 x 1,220mm) media per hour. Previously, dust attached easily to the surface of materials during clear ink printing MCC reduces the risk that dust could attach. It was needed to divide printing process into 2 stages: clear-printing and full color printing MCC enables to print these together in 1 go and reduces the production time.
1 Litre bottles of ink can be easily inserted from the front of the printer, speeding up the replacement process.
The machine is equipped with pins and a scale to ensure accurate substrate alignment on the flatbed.
Images can be printed directly onto rigid media up to 50mm thick, providing great versatility and a wider range of potential applications.

The new and innovative translucent technology incorporated in the KALLERIANS fly killers emit the most intensive UV light compared to similar types of units. KALLERIANS Fly Killer is ideal one to meet the GMP, FDA, UL, ISO, ISI Standards in Pharmaceuticals and in Food industries. Meat shops, Kitchens, fruit stalls, juice corners, super markets, take-aways, canteens, marriage halls, food processing industries, fisheries, pickle industries, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, casinos and theaters.
SPC Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers are specially designed to drastically improve the air quality in the building or facility. SPC Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers use proprietary dual zone (UVV 187nm and UVC 254nm) high-intensity or UVC (254nm) high-intensity 19mm quartz lamps to destroy biological and chemicals in the air. In order for Ultraviolet light to be effective in destroying biological contaminants in the moving air-stream, there has to be a specific amount of UV power delivered to the contaminant for a specific amount of time. Determine required and desired light levels, energy efficiency requirements, intensity and clarity of light,  length of life and costs. A choice of inks, including white and clear, offers unlimited creative opportunities, with the capability to print to a wide range of substrates. By fixing the substrate to the pins, checking the placement against the scale and then editing the design data or printer setting accordingly, all alignment problems are eliminated. This unique UV disposing technology allows the light to shine from the front, top and sides covering large areas and thus increasing the trapping ability even from the small insects.
Our fly killer is made out of Epoxy Powder Coated CRCA Sheet, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.
But more importantly from a practical standpoint, the parallel installation eliminates lamp surface fouling due to direct air impingement.

In recent years, the advent of color corrected mercury bulbs helped improve the problem of color rendering using a phosphor on the inside of the outer bulb that emits better white light. Our extensive research as identified that shape, colour as well as light output, influences the number of insects attracted. As a general rule, a virus is usually more resilient to UV energy, requiring more than twice the amount of UV energy than bacteria. Mercury lamps are available in medium and mogul base versions; and while most wattages require a ballast to operate, some have an internal start that does not require a ballast (often referred to as a€?self-ballasteda€? mercury). This phosphor technology offers better color rendition than the more efficient, high or low-pressure sodium vapor lamps, but still falls short of metal halide and ceramic metal halide sources. In addition the unit is fitted with a UV light reflecting panels made of stainless steel or powder coated panels behind the tubes to further enhance the output.
A spore is typically the hardest to destroy, requiring more than 5 times the amount of UV energy compared to a virus. Power packed with PHILIPS Imported UV Lamp (TL 05365NM Tube lights) is more efficient in attracting flying insects and protecting human eyes.

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