There is a growing, global industry movement towards eco-friendly UV LED curing, and we are thrilled to highlight the recent successes from our customers and partners of this exciting technology at PRINT 13.
Instant drying, energy savings, elimination of anti-marking spray powder and cylinder jackets, and removal of heat along with speed, uptime, and curing production consistency, are the top reasons for adopting UV LED lamp systems over traditional methods of drying according to AMS President and CEO, Steve Metcalf.
LED systems from AMS can be deployed as 100% standalone LED curing solutions, or can be combined with high efficiency standard UV ARC lamp modules, known as C-LED Titanium UV modules, for maximum effect and energy savings on the widest range of LED and existing UV energy curable inks, coatings and varnishes.
The recipient of a 2013 MUST SEE 'EMS award, the XP5 Series UV LED system has already become a critical technology in the field of sheetfed offset lithographic printing since its unveiling at the drupa show last year. LED UV printing inks and varnishes are now available from a diverse group of manufacturers, a select set of whom will be on display at the AMS exhibit in the GREEN PAVILION at PRINT 13 (booth 563) taking place September 8-12 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. UV Ink drying lamp uv led priting system, View u uv led priting system, YULI Product Details from Shanghai Yuli Technology Co., Ltd. Photo Electronics is pleased to introduce a new UV SPOT lamp which adopts innovative LED technology.
Thanks to Spot Led small dimensions, it’s ideal to be used manually by hand or positioned on automatic production line.
UV LED light sources provide quick economic return through lower energy costs, reduced maintenance.

I would like a quick quote for the Mimaki UJF-6042 LED flatbed UV printerPlease let us know your message. As Mimaki's exclusive UK & Irish distributor, Hybrid is only authorised to supply and support machines in these countries.
The Mimaki UJF-6042 incorporates a ball screw type head conveyance mechanism - traditionally found only in very high end flatbed printers - which greatly enhances the accuracy of the ink drop placement onto the substrate. With no limit to minimum run lengths and the ability to handle variable data, short - and highly profitable production become a reality.
Perfect for promotional goods, industrial products, giftware, personalised items, photographic work, membrane panels and more.
Combine with the Mimaki CFL compact flatbed cutting plotter for the ultimate small format flatbed packaging proofing system. The Mimaki UJF-6042 delivers unparalleled levels of quality making it ideal for photographic reproduction onto acrylic blocks when backed up with Mimaki’s opaque white ink.
AMS is exhibiting the new system along with numerous samples from customers at the international PRINT 13 show in Chicago, scheduled to begin next week on September 8th.
AMS is the world leader in retrofitting environmentally superior UV Light Emitting Diode curing technology to conventional printing equipment. Unlike other forms of high reaction energy curing, including Low Energy and High Wavelength UV mercury lamp systems that attempt to mimic the output of LED through the use of an iron-doped mercury bulb, the XP5 Series LED UV system from AMS reduces the energy requirement by a half, and does not require a UV prepared press for installation.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The strong Head LED contains: High power UV LED chip, air cooling system, optic and the electronic device.
The combination of 1800x1800dpi and variable dot technology means the printer is engineered to deliver highly accurate prints and the A2 bed size allows two facing pages of an A3 photo book to be printed simultaneously. In addition, the lifetime and curing consistency of the ozone and mercury-free XP5 LED lamps do not degrade every 750-1000 hours like their mercury lamp (Hg) counterparts. AMS is a pioneer in the development of flexible, eco-friendly, semiconuctor-based high intensity UV LED systems and ARC lamp curing systems for use in industrial drying and commercial printing and packaging.
For smaller items, an efficient layout can be created with the use of jigs, ensuring accurate print placement and ease of workflow.

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