With all the things that go along with a big move and buying a home, we had plenty of things to do to keep us physically and mentally occupied. However, I know that I was still missing our church family in Washington, and didn't feel ready to find a new church. Then one day, all our dirty baggage beneath the surface of our so called "clean slate" broke through. For those who missed my guest post over at Shaping up to Be a Mom, I wanted to share it here.
We plan to bring you some some hope and encouragement, and how God has brought love and healing out of the times of suffering our marriages have endured. We both put on our happy faces, and let our families believe this was just a surprise visit.

Now even if I wanted to, I could not tell you what it was that made this "suddenly" happen. Because it almost feels as if it were out of nowhere when everything just snapped and crumbled.
It wasn't very long until we found and bought our home, and were official Californians again. Looking back I know it was an accumulation of many unresolved issued that just finally exploded from the both of us. So he did all he could think to do, both physically and mentally, to bring me to my breaking point. Hidden beneath the surface, just waiting to break through, was everything we "left" behind.

I, for reason I felt were valid at the time, was withdrawn, very in-affectionate, and hardly ever wanted to be physically intimate with him. I wont go into detail on what those things were, but I will say that I chose to stay with him through it all, because I felt it was the right thing to do. I believed God would bless me for staying strong and true to my husband in this time of suffering and conflict.
Its interesting to say that my mind could only find all the good things, and good memories.

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