Infralight'smanufactures replacement uv  lamps to municipal wastewater treatment plants, water recyclers, food processes, beverage plants at competitive market prices.
Infralight is able to offer end users and equipment manufacturers, high quality replacement ultraviolet lamps at prices well below prices they are currently paying from original suppliers. Manaksia Industries Limited is presently one of the largest manufacturers of metal caps and closures in Asia. Primarc UV curing lamps are manufactured in lengths from 2cm to more than 300cm and currently at power outputs of up to 500 Watts per cm (1270 Watts per inch).
To ensure maximum efficiency of any UV lamp, a Primarc Transformer Control System is always recommended. Primarc have a complete range of their own originally designed lamps, or if required, lamps can be designed to meet customersa€™ specific requirements.
For applications where a different wavelength of UV is required, the spectral output of a standard lamp can be shifted to different wavelengths by utilising energy transfer from the mercury atoms within the arc to another material added during manufacture. Whilst Primarc manufacture equivalent lamps to makes such as Hanovia, Heraeus, BLV, BVS, Eye, Superior Quartz, Mazda, Philips, Sylvania, Toshiba, Ushio, Voltarc, etc, it is important to identify the specific lamp for your UV drying system.

Infralight Australia Pty Ltd supplies a wide range of ultraviolet curing lamps and  ultraviolet  drying lamps for the printing and coatings industry. Nilpeter, Gallas, Spectral, Comco, Mark Andy, Hanovia, Natgraph, Aquatron, Comco, Hanovia, Primarc, Svecia, Wallace Knight, Kopack, Heraeus Amba, Amba Lamps, Primarc, Western Quartz, Superior, and many more. Contact Russell Read at Infralight Australia with the information below and we will specifiy the correct lamp replacement for your ultraviolet curing system. CureUV's ultraviolet replacement bulbs are 100% compatible to the Hanovia UV Systems - known replacement lamp Part # 6830A431. CureUV's ultraviolet replacement bulbs are 100% compatible to the Hanovia UV Systems - known replacement lamp Part # 6548A431.
We offer 3 different models which are OEM-compatible replacements for a variety of UV curing systems.
Infralight has introduced a level of competition that makes ultraviolet disinfection and uv sterilization an attractive and viable alternative to other forms of water treatment. Medium pressure lamps, also known as high intensity discharge lamps (HID) and mercury arc lamps are used for the treatment of water, curing of inks and varnishes in the printing industry.

Infralight's pricing enables local government councils, municipal waste water treatment plant operators to maintain respectable capital expenditure on water treatment consumables. Whichever model UV system you are currently using, Infralight can supply or design a lamp to meet your needs. Infralight Technology specialises in supplying ultraviolet uv replacement lamps for all wastewater treatment systems, water recycling systems, water purification systems and sewage treatment plants throughout the world.
Germicidal uv lamps, low pressure mercury discharge lamps commonly used for tertiary treatment wastewater treatment systems are used where a high degree of purification, disinfection and sterilisation is required. STP and WWTP operate multi-lamp ultraviolet systems using high output low-pressure (LPHO) uv lamps, amalgam high output uv lamps and medium pressure (MP) uv lamps.

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