To order any product on the UVMAN site, please Contact Us stating your requirements and one of our sales team will get back to you to assist. Long wave, hand held, portable model for detection of fluorescence of stamps and tagging on currency or phone cards. Use the blacklight to detect rodent presence and contamination in warehouses, storerooms, etc. UV Light can react with the chemicals of a mineral specimen and cause it to glow, called fluorescence. Volatile hydrocarbons such as gasoline, grease, paints and others fluoresce when exposed to UV, and can be seen as fragments of incendiary devices. UV or black light reveals changes on the surface of objects as it causes specific fluorescence in materials depending on composition and age.

One can detect repair in paintings and rugs using UV light, as differences can be seen between the chemical composition of newer inks, paints, and dyes and that of the originals. In high-patronage clubs, amusement parks and swimming pools, applying quick drying readmission inks can be read easily by UV light. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Model UVL-56 Hand-held UV black light lamp is a lightweight 6-watt model with 365 nm longwave UV light output. Their evidence is not always visible as they are absorbed by the fire but UV light can expose them. Dry rodent urine glows a blue-white if fresh to a yellow-white if old when exposed to longwave ultraviolet light.

Some minerals and gemstones will fluoresce under shortwave UV ligh and not fluoresce under longwave.
Rodent hair glows blue-white and is easily identified on sacks or intermixed with food grains.

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