How amazing it would be, to see a huge city in DayZ, something Los Santos size, full of diffrent buldings, wrecked cars and maby even underground to explore.. Anybody like me miss the old wilderness from the mod when there was nothing above the NW airfield and when you can easily losing yourself when searching your camp?
DayZ is unoptimized which is the sad truth, Having a good PC still wont do you that good in DayZ. When we see life in the cities of GTA5, imagine that Rockstar releasing a kind of survival game with zombies is a dream !
Two year’s later, Online is now the default GTA game as the single-player dream dies. When Rockstar announced Freemode Events earlier this month for GTA Online it was received with praise from the community. In theory we can now load into a session and take part in challenges and objectives, teaming up or going full rampage to come out on top of the bloody heap.
But behind the goodwill shield of a new update came confirmation of three changes to the Grand Theft Auto series that drew a line under its past and set a precident for the future. Firstly, Rockstar confirmed that the entire original GTA 5 team who worked on the single player game are now all working on GTA Online. And so this month, Grand Theft Auto has finally, fully transitioned into the game it’s been morphing into since GTA Online first released.
Grand Theft Auto is now an ever-growing online world, where Rockstar isn’t afraid to continue to reinvent and change the game on a regular basis.

There’s still the classic jobs, where small groups team-up for ten minute robbing sprees. Fallout 4, like earlier games in the series, relies on the same old Pip-Boy for doing everything. Because of the wearable computer’s limited screen size, making use of that map can be cumbersome, especially in repeated use. Championship Driver, Oliver Webb and Creative Director, Andy Tudor discuss their upcoming racing simulator. And one more point is that these games have a different dimension perspective, which means that if you’re playing GTA and walking through the map it could feel the same size as DayZ map.
And i do not doubt that they will make it if just rockstar would not go so hard against mods atm. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. At last, live events that don’t require waiting in lobbies or staring at loading screens for minutes at a time.
Although it never specifically said there won’t be any single-player story DLC, that looks to be the case. The plaster was ripped off quickly – those Freemode Events we were excited for only appeared on PC, Xbox One and PS4 last week. None of us should be surprised at that considering how Rockstar has said on numerous occasions how hard they were to create.

After two years Rockstar is still looking at its own game and figuring out how to twist it, to redesign it.
What it does is replace the original map with another that clearly shows roads, waterlines, etc. Grand Theft Auto: Online is the future of the series, and to play it you get a bonus single-player game.
Freemode Events demand a live response, with on-the-fly problem solving and shaky alliances or brutal Mexican stand-offs. It’s not afraid to move on, to let go of its former glories and reshape the living, breathing city of Los Santos.
It’s the opposite of the epic Heists, which require communication, planning and careful timing.
It’s multiple games in one giant city, where you can pretty much find whatever you came for. It’s these changes that keep us coming back for more, that leave us hungry for the next update, whatever that may be.

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