Today's automotive windshields are commonly made with two layers of tempered glass sandwiching a sheet of optically clear polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a plastic layer that holds everything in place even when the glass is broken.
Having a windshield that is scratch and chip resistant is a big improvement, but there are other advantages to Gorilla Glass, says Corning. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
The stainless steel bezels act as both structural support and antennas that boost reception for UMTS, GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Apple has gone a step further and tuned the phone to utilize whichever network band is less congested or has the least interference for the best signal quality, regardless of the actual signal strength.
Two Phillips screws on the bottom steel frame release the back panel, revealing the new and larger juice-provider, classed as a 3.7V 1420 mAh Li-Polymer cell. One can’t help but appreciate the remarkable engineering precision, miniaturization, and intense technology powering the new iPhone. The 2 small screws on the bottom of the case are not Phillips head, they are minature Torx head screws (at least on my iPhone). A Phillips head srcrew driver may damage the screws if not used carefully. In the next six months, one of every eight Samsung Galaxy S4 devices sold will be broken by the owner thanks to a drop, dunk in a toilet or worse.
According to a new set of data out from SquareTrade, Android owners need to be more concerned with accidental damage than from someone who will steal their new Galaxy S4. This is an important statistic to keep in mind as the company claims one in five Americans plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 and combined Americans spent $7.2 billion on damaged Android phones in the last six years.
Samsung skipped over a metal design like the HTC One, using a stronger lighter plastic than the Galaxy S3 for the new flagship phone.
Unlike the Sony Xperia Z, the Galaxy S4 is not waterproof and it will likely take time for the Samsung Galaxy S4 waterproof cases to arrive.
We are already seeing a number fo Samsung Galaxy S4 cases designed to deliver protection from drops, including the official Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective case and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Defender, but many users are turning to warranties to protect their Android phone. I have 3 buddies that work at different carrier stores: One Verizon, 1 Sprint, and One for ATT. One might infer the iPhone has a greater probability of loss via accident damage then via theft or loss (i.e.
Wow, you must be important since you picked up your S4 already and Verizon isn’t even selling the S4 til the end of May . You must have some freak grass, I just dropped mine in a home depot on concrete, the back fell off, it popped back on, no scratches, no dings, this is not the first time I have dropped it either.
My S and S2 also took no damage of all the times they fell, I don’t even bother getting cases for my newer phones anymore. If somehow it breaks, well it breaks, I will buy another based on past experience, my sister has broken two iphone screens. I just dropped my S4 on to gravel from a height of 4 feet and the screen has been damaged with spiders web scratches all over it. I decided to upgrade to an iPhone 5 and a Lifeproof case (the case has a built in screen protector and encases the phone buy is super thin and waterproof) it also has all the protection of Otterbox Defender and Griffin Survivor again without the bulk-I’ve owned both cases).
Just got my replacement S4 and the screen broke and could not see anything and it was in a Otter box type case in my pocket. Things seemed like they might turn around when Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google in 2011, but the company still couldn’t manage to set its devices apart from the crowd in any meaningful way. While it remains to be seen whether or not Lenovo will help turn Motorola into a profitable cell phone company once again, there is no question that the once-great company hit its stride in 2014. The Moto G quickly became Motorola’s best-selling smartphone of all time, and the Moto X received almost universal critical acclaim. Then, in 2014, Motorola turned up the volume on both devices, dramatically improving them with two second-generation updates. Fast-forward to October and November, and Motorola is back with two new high-end smartphones that came from out of nowhere and completely blew us away. The second new premium smartphone from Motorola is the new Droid Turbo for Verizon Wireless, and it’s an absolute winner. Beginning on the outside of the Droid Turbo, Motorola has continued to experiment with new materials, giving buyers two different options this time around.
The first option is a black weave pattern made from ballistic nylon (pictured below) that was originally developed for military use. The second option, which is my personal preference, is a different weave pattern consisting of metalized fibers covered with a soft-touch rubbery layer that is either black or bright red in color. Both the ballistic nylon and the metalized fiber models include a layer of Kevlar beneath the outer materials, and Motorola notes that Kevlar is five times stronger than steel.
Also of note, both Droid Turbo models feature an internal and external nanocoating that protects the device from liquid spills and rain.
An update to Android 5.0 Lollipop has been promised, and it will become available sometime in the coming months.

Around back, Motorola’s new Droid Turbo features a 21-megapixel camera that, for me, was the most surprising thing about the device.
The Droid Turbo includes a massive 3,900 mAh battery that Motorola claims can provide as much as two full days in between charges. With average daily usage that included hours of email and Twitter use, plenty of news reading with Feedly and Flipboard, more Reddit browsing with Reddit News Pro than I care to admit, at least 90 minutes of Spotify streaming and much more, I still had between 20% and 30% of a charge remaining 24 hours after plugging the phone in the morning before. And the best part, perhaps, is the sense of security the phone’s terrific battery life affords. For me, the Droid Turbo’s battery life more than makes up for the size and weight of the phone, and the phone sits quite comfortably in an average sized hand, though one-handed use is obviously out of the question when you need to reach the upper third of the screen. Moto Voice – Do more than ever with just your voice, without ever touching the phone. Moto Assist – Life can be hectic, and Moto X can adapt its behavior in certain situations so that you can do more or never be interrupted. Between the new Moto G, the second-generation Moto X, the Nexus 6 and the Droid Turbo, Motorola has all of the bases covered and among Android vendors, Motorola’s phones are the best in the business right now. While the basic design works very well (credit Henry Ford with introducing laminated glass in 1919), scratches and chips in the glass weaken the material to the point where it may eventually crack and require replacement. Gorilla Glass is the registered name for the durable and scratch resistant glass that covers the face of more than 1.5 billion consumer electronic devices. The company's senior vice president, Jeffrey Evenson, told MIT Technology Review that the glass is lighter than what is used today, and it provides a better acoustic barrier from outside noise. Even so, Evenson predicts that at least one unnamed high-end automaker will introduce a vehicle with Gorilla Glass within the year. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination.
The Retina Display LCD panel is glued tightly to the front glass in order to reduce light refraction and leave an impression as if the graphics was painted on the touchscreen. I was blown away by the size of its circuit board, I still can’t get my head around the fact that the heart of iPhone 4 is so minuscule. A year after the launch of the Galaxy S3 we are still waiting for the LifeProof Galaxy S3 case to hit the market. The company is currently running a special on the Samsung Galaxy S4 warranty, offering two years of accidental damage protection for $99 with a $99 deductible on any claims. After I read your comment I did some research and asked some people I know (A bit confusing to them I’m sure) I asked 4 people that had iphone 5s and only 1 had insurance. The only time iPhones were mentioned was saying people tend to buy less insurance on iPhones. My phone slides off my keyboard a lot, falls on the floor, it’s never taken damage so far. My next phone I prefer to go with Iphone or Nokia and will dump away my galaxy s4 to the bin.
I have Verizon and I’m a 2nd grade teacher so I need all the protection available loI so I have the case AND insurance through Verizon.
My S4 has a small hairline crack, which is not really noticeable for now, it is under the gorilla glass. After the iPhone rocked the cell phone industry in 2007, Motorola was among the first companies to respond effectively, and it found success in the U.S.
On the low-end, the Moto G was a surprisingly capable device that offered tremendous value at a shockingly low price point. It has a unique look and feel to it, and it definitely stands out from the crowd even though the only available color is black.
The result is a is semi-transparent effect that changes depending on the angle to the light, and the rubbery material provides a fantastic feel and good grip. With the Droid Turbo, Verizon is offering users one free screen replacement in the event the handset’s glass display is ever cracked. To put that in perspective, the iPhone 6 has a pixel density of 326 ppi, the full HD iPhone 6 Plus is 401 ppi, and the quad HD Galaxy Note 4 comes in at 550 ppi. Individual pixels cannot be discerned at all, of course, and colors are bright and beautiful. Motorola’s phones have historically not even approached class leaders when it comes to camera quality, but the camera on the Droid Turbo is fantastic.
In fact, they are almost on par with the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4, which are the best camera phones on the market in my opinion. In my testing, I did not find that to be the case, but the Droid Turbo indeed features the best battery life of any non-phablet smartphone I have tested this year. With the Droid Turbo I am actually comfortable leaving my home or office for hours at a time with just 20% or 30% of a charge remaining. It’s very similar to stock Android, but it includes a number of incredibly useful enhancements.

Use your voice to interact with some of your favorite apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp. When your display is off, up to three notifications pulse quietly on the screen without interrupting you.
If you’re not intimidated by the bulky case and additional heft from the giant battery, this is probably the Android smartphone for you. Whether the maker of your smartphone, tablet or PDA admits it or not, chances are good that you've got the material close at hand. This does not include loss or theft of the phone like some services provided by carriers or smartphone insurance sold by other parties. They are too busy standing in line at their nearest Apple Store or mailing their phone back in for repairs.
This should be for all phone company since all of them are using Corning Gorilla Glass 3 anyway.
Also do you have a lazy eye… The shear movement of your face must have overloaded and heated the processor to a point where the gorilla glass exploded. I’m sure squaretrade paid to post this, but in the end I say compare the two and see for yourself. I also carry a Iphone and have dropped it so much that the Otterbox case had to be replace but the Iphone keeps on ticking. I am not sure how it may have happened, I was changing the shocks on my pickup and it fell out of my shirt chest pocket onto the concrete at less than a one foot drop, and it has a heavy duty hard plastic rubber edged case, I love the phone but Samsung should have made it more durable. Not even a drop or water damage, my phone looks new like the day it was just bought – NOT a scratch! In the higher-end segment, the Moto X offered customization options that no other phone vendor could compete with. And as for the brand new Moto X, we called it the best Android phone in the world when we reviewed it in September.
If you want to take a peek, simply touch and hold one of the notification icons and more details will appear. Both sensors are manufactured by STMicro, iFixIt noted, adding that Apple probably scooped the gyroscope sensor because it isn’t yet commercially available to other vendors.
I myself have insurance on my new s4 and have had insurance through my carrier through every phone I’ve ever had which is about 6 now? I have insurance but since the phone still works great, unless it acquires more extensive damage I will endure the hairline crack for now. Slide left or right to see other messages too – all without ever waking up your screen or unlocking your device.
My last phone a Samsung Exhibit took quite a beating and never had anything show up on the screen, it also had a hard plastic case, evidently built stronger than the S4? I sent it in and they wanted to charge me $200 for the repair that’s not covered by the warranty. The devices come also with a single and Dual-SIM model.The single sim models carry a dedicated MicroSD slot, while the Dual-SIM model utilize one of the dual-sim slots to support a MicroSD card.
Buddy at Sprint says they have more people bringing in Android based phones than anything else and the same story with them about it being rare that someone doesn’t have insurance on their products. If you’re that unhappy with the phone, someone will buy it off you for $200-300 you should be able to break even.
Here’s the thing though, I had an iphone for work that I dropped a few times and nothing terrible happened to it. Without expandable storage, users have felt the misery of working with a fixed, non-changeable internal storage capacity with the S6.
I accidently dropped an HTC Evo 3d and a Samsung galaxy 3 and both of them broke to the point of having to have a replacement. Now with the S7, the feature is back, and now supports a MicroSD card up to 200GB, which, added with the internal storage capacity should be enough to store all kinds of media for years to come. My sister dropped her phone she traded her Iphone in for, a new nexus and in a matter of a week the screen was broken by setting it down too hard but her iphone had survived hell and back.
A hand held device has to be able to withstand some clumsy clientelle in this very competive market. What’s the sense of a slimline phone, razor thin and sleek design if you have to put a bulky protective cover on it so it doesn’t break in 4 days? In the past, you either had to choose between charging wirelessly, and not fuss with cables, or you had to choose charging at an drastically improved speed, but as technology advances, we can’t say we didn’t expect this to arrive sooner than now.As for ports, unfortunately we’re not seeing an upgrade here.
He has owned a number of Android phones including the Galaxy s3, Galaxy 3 mini, Galaxy s4 mini, LG optimus 3D, and the Oneplus one which he is currently using.

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