Gluing & Sealing Glass Although glass may be considered a problematic material to stick to, our glues, adhesives and sealants for both sealing glass and gluing glass, are known throughout Ireland. Before gluing or sealing glass, it must be thoroughly degreased and dried, before any glue or sealant is applied. Whenever glass is being glued or sealed, consideration must be given to the visibility of  glue. Typically, both glues and sealants for use with glass, are clear and normally have a requirement to remain clear throughout their service life.
Priming the glass before applying the glue or sealant, is in most cases, strongly suggested. All of our adhesive solutions for both gluing and sealing glass, have been optimised to allow for ease of use, excellent strength build-up, clarity and overall performance benefits which are unsurpassed. A primer is suggested with the majority of products used to glue and seal glass, but more about these later.

We manufacture a range of primers, two of which two have shown exceptional adhesion to glass. This is a titanium based primer which is used in most structural (load bearing) applications. These glues are really only suitable for gluing small parts which will not be exposed to humidity. Our water clear polyurethanes are used in some niche gluing applications, such as optical glass mounting and fibre optic terminal bonding.
These glues are typically coloured and much like superglue, only used for gluing small parts, however, unlike superglue, the glued parts can be exposed to humidity.
Our UV glues are typically used in many applications, from glass bevelling, furniture manufacture, and glass partition construction to several niche applications such as gluing steel mounting studs to glass  & several applications within the communications, medical and aerospace field.
I can tell you 85% of the time , pulling a part off will take longer than you think I like the posters solution.

A piece broke off and I am looking for a glue that will still allow the light to shine through to the broken fin piece once it is repaired. If the glass is translucent or transparent, you will want a glue that dries as clear as possible.
Before gluing any glass bond be sure that the glass is clean, free of any oil (even from your fingers) and dry.

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