Every aquarist after he choose the suitable size for his fish tank, before starting the gluing process, there is a difficult question of how to choose the thickness of the glass. First of all you must understand that there are different glass types, for example, acrylic, special hardened etc. In any glass workshop you can cut and buy conventional silicate glass, which is perfect for an inexpensive aquarium, almost in any reasonable size for home use. If you make an aquarium similar to those that are sold in the shops, then problems with the calculation of the glass thickness can be resolved by seeing the thickness of the glass at the store and take the equivalent of 1-2 mm thickness, due to the fact that businesses generally do not make a sufficient margin of safety due to the economic performance of the finished product. If there are no similar fish tanks in the stores, then you can use special formulas to calculate the thichkness of the glass, they usually include the dimensions: height, width and depth, as well as the tensile strength of the type of glass you use. Calculation chart of the thickness of ordinary glass aquarium has been made by smart people and written to this table, lot of research on Internet and trying out the calculations in practice with a good result. Nothing can ruin the pristine appearance of an aquarium than the presence of brown aquarium algae. Here are some handy tips to consider when planning for your first freshwater aquarium tank purchase.
When we first moved into our new house, I took one look at the raw edge mirror in the downstairs bathroom and had every intention of removing it and replacing it with something better. I went to Lowe’s and purchased two sheets of tumbled marble tiles clearance priced for $7 each.

You can find marble tile sheets online if your local hardware store isn’t having a sale. I also purchased a tube of silicone adhesive that boasted it could be used for fusing glass together to form a fish tank. Thin glass can cause burst and flood walls and carpet in the apartment, as well as the death of all aquarium inhabitants. But since most amateurs and even professionals fish tanks are made of conventional silicate glass of different thickness in this article we will talk specifically about it.
Fish tank glass begins with a thickness of 4 mm, but usually it is used for very small aquariums, often we use glass 5 mm thick. So, all you have to do is find the size of your aquarium and see what the thickness of the glass must be used for that fish tank, and make sure not to take the smaller thickness, it is not recommended at all. But, when I got down to the nitty gritty, I realized that whoever had installed our bathroom mirror was glue happy, and didn’t just adhere it to the wall — they cemented it! I just used a little painters tape to keep them in place until the adhesive could harden up. I was thinking making the tiles diamond angled instead of square then filling those gaps around with 2 layers of the smallest tiles available…what do you all think?
On the other hand too thick glass will add extra weight of the whole structure, reduce transparency and increase the cost of glass.

The seller probably will not know the tensile strength of the glass you are buying, they probably do not know how to work the glass (well, of course if this shop is not for sale of specialized glass for aquariums).
Removing it would have damaged the wall terribly, causing need for repair and re-texturizing. Not only for the design aesthetic, but the fact that it’s basically a boy-proof color. I figured, if it could hold together a fish tank, my diy bathroom mirror could take anything my boys could throw at it. Let’s look more into the issue of calculating the thickness of the glass for home frameless aquarium.
I decided to go with plan B, (even though I really didn’t have a plan B) and do something different.

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