Artist Ben Young brings the magic of the sea back to land with his stunning hand-sculpted glass and concrete art. Young brings skills from his background in boatbuilding into his art, starting with the planning phases and sketches in notebooks to the mold making and finishing stages. For an extra touch of realism, Young sometimes adds small hand carved sculptures cast in bronze. The self-taught Sydney-based artist cuts and layers laminated float glass together to create unique sculptures evoking bodies of water.

Despite the intricacies of each piece, all of his sculptures are made by hand without the aid of 3D modeling software.
The transparent blue glass is visually contrasted with the light gray cast concrete bases that mimic terrain ranging from a seabed to islands.
He uses a glazier’s oil-filled glasscutter to cut 4-millimeter-thick float glass into the desired shapes before gluing the layers together. In addition to creating molds for the cast concrete, he must carefully account for the stress the concrete may cause to the glass as the material expands and shrinks.

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