After disassembling the Apple iPad Mini with Retina display, we now provide the tutorial: how to fix the damaged iPad Mini 2 screen part. If you haven't met a person that's broken a pair of headphones, you might need to get out more.
Step 1: Cut Off Original PlugFirst, cut the wire a few centimeters below the busted jack location. Step 2: Separate and Strip WiresSeparate the two black wires, then remove the plastic casing from each with a wire cutter or knife.
Step 3: Sand Off the Colored CoatingNow, remove the colored enamel coating from the non-ground wires with sandpaper to reveal the bare copper wire underneath. Step 4: Separate the New PlugOnce the wiring has be sanded properly, take off the plastic base of your new plug to reveal the inside terminals.
Step 5: Place Plastic Plug Housing Around WireBefore you forget, make sure to install the plastic base onto the wires, so that when you start connecting the wires to the actual plug, you don't have to pull it all apart and start over to put it on. Step 6: Solder Wires onto PlugNow, you will need to make sure the corresponding lines reach their designated spot, ensuring that your headphones playback the music properly.
If you have a different headphone plug then the ones pictures in the video, go ahead and watch the following video to fix headphones with mics, volume controls or bass boost. If you decide not to tear into the equipment, use of a quality leak sealer can save you some time and repair money.
Another method is to let the water drop (with spa not running) and then observe the water level of the spa when the level ceases to drop.

For faster leaks it may help to determine the type of leak: vessel leak (spa shell), suction-side leak (before pump) or pressure leak (after pump). A common area of hot tub leaks occurs where PVC fittings (couplings, elbows, tees, etc.) connect to spa flex pipe. Plast-Aid is a two part product (filler and hardener) that can be formed, sanded, and polished, and is the only effective compound available for permanent acrylic shell repairs that we have found. NOTE: After fixing your leak problem, consider switching to an alternative sanitizer such as Cleanwater Blue, which will not attack wood.
No matter how expensive or cheap a pair of headphones are, the sound can get buggy, the wire can get cut, or the headphone jack itself can be broken or ripped off the cord. Then just solder them in their proper places and use a little hot glue to secure the plastic base back onto the plug. Although not always a permanent fix, they can be effective on many leaks, with the exception being bad pump seals, which will need to be replaced. Fill spa and mark the water level with grease pen or crayon, and allow the spa to run for 24 hours.
These repairs used to require cutting out the affected pipe, and replacing the PVC fittings.
Unlike epoxy or fiberglass repair products, Plast-Aid forms a molecular bond with the acrylic shell. But instead of buying a new set of headphones or borrowing the ones from your cousin with the earwax problem, you can easily fix it yourself.

Knife style valves are sometimes bolted together and contain a gasket between the halves which can fail, particularly upon freezing or with prolonged poor water quality conditions. Our new Clip-on Pipe Leak Seals now make these repairs simple, inexpensive, and very effective.
A repair job that previously took an hour or more, can now be completed in a few minutes at a fraction of the cost. These repair fittings are designed and sized to fit over the flex or rigid PVC pipe and fittings. Or you can use the suction cup to pull up the iPad Mini 2 digitizer gently.Step 5 After the digitizer is loose, lift up the touchscreen carefully to protect the fragile flex cable ribbon connecting the digitizer and the iPad Mini 2. If the water dropped the same amount on both tests, this usually indicates a vessel leak (blisters and most surface cracks are usually only cosmetic, and not normally a cause for leaks).
At this step, you can install a new iPad mini 2 LCD and assemble the iPad mini 2 in reverse order.Step 7 Unscrew the seven screws holding the LCD metal shield. Please kindly note if the new digitizer replacement part you want to replace does not include the home button, you have to transfer the home button of the broken digitizer touch screen to the new one.You can check the following iPad mini with Retina Display disassembly video at Youtube to learn more information.

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