Wai Lam lights to make light of what many people view as detrimental by infusing a bit of humor into his designs.
He also wanted to create something more organic and pleasing to the eye, not the usual chaos of metal clinging to the body.
To… Clip The Glove The Rubber Glove Clip is one of those designs that you go – why didn’t I think of this before!

Yes, we’ve been a dud about… Make Sens Phone Seeing is not always believing as mobile phones go. Trapping heat might be an issue, but what one is ready to do to look pretty (wearing fancy shoes, less comfortable than other shoes), one might want to do it driving a wheelchair.
It would likely trap heat terribly and would wreak havoc on the back, but those are easy solutions: First, perforate it.

Add in a bunch of holes an perhaps use similarly colored fabric circles or strips to cover them up while maintaining the comfort.

Dying light ps4 part 5
Industrial lamp design
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