I am going to make this small project right along with you and I chose Ruby by Moda for my feature fabric.
When you get to the corners you must manipulate the fabric and glue by gluing fabric to fabric. I've been told that you only clip on the concave or convex (I can never remember which) curves, but I see you clip on *both.* Does that help with making the fabric lie flat or what?

I ordered some of these cores from Paper Pieces a few years ago but found them difficult to start with and went on to hexagons.
I love the applecore shape and I started this some time ago not realizing how complex it could be to sew curves. I've been wanting to try apple core piecing, and after working with my young daugther learn working with a needle doing cross stitch, I really want to try something that I can do while she and her sister our stitching.

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