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Ultimately, I want to replace the front door with one that has glass in it to let in more light. I took the door hardware off and sanded down some of the glue gunk with a sanding pad that I had on hand. I made amends for my ways and went to Lowe’s and bought a couple cans of Rust-oleum spray paint. I bought a new door last year and went with one with just plain glass with the blinds built in. My front door is a HIDEOUS shade of green, with horrible light yellow trim, and the door molding is fading red.

Now if I can just get motivated to do something about my poorly-stained, Florida-sun-faded front door with the tarnished brass hardware.
Just trying to get the right info…unfortunately my husband isn’t as adventurous as yours! The Lord bless you and Keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. Yes, I might be slightly crazy and spontaneous, but my hubs goes with it and is happy with whatever I do ’round these parts. Then I pulled out some black spray paint that I had on hand and I went to town on the door. A I had a 10% off coupon, so for two cans of high quality spray paint I paid just under $14.

LOL I was like, what is she talking about, then when I looked again, I realized that was the cheap paint! See?It was streaked with who knows what near the bottom of the door and gunked up where someone tried to hang a wreath, perhaps? Although I re-used some black semi-gloss I already had – rolled on the flat parts and used a chip brush for the panel bevels. It never would have happened if I had to go out to get a new cartridge and it’s just not my style to think that far ahead on some stuff.

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