Add tealight inside or just wrap string light around to make the night twinkling in your garden and yard. Or decorate with flowers and lights on dinning table, all are just fabulous for a cozier home decoration.
Doing it together on Youtube tells us how to make the yarn balls possible, she uses the wood glue for her big yarn ball in this project. If you're reading this, you're surfing using Internet Explorer 6, an 8+ year old browser that cannot cope with the demands of the modern internet.
And today we start our yarn craft again to make twine or yarn decorative balls ideas to inspire when we can use them. She uses the tacky glue mixed with water and put the wrapped ball yarn into the glue bowl for the glue process, easy because the balloon here is small. For the best web experience, we strongly recommend upgrading to Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or a more recent version of Internet Explorer.

I wasn’t really sure what to call this week’s project so Mason Jar Wall Decor it is!
Armed with this knowledge, I hit up our local hardware store and bought a bottle of spray paint in Aqua as our room needs something to make the browns a€?popa€? if you will! Yarn balls are really awesome decorations as for indoors as for outdoors by hanging, adding lights inside, or decorative flowers on them. Basically we’re creating a fun piece to hang on your wall or prop up in a shelf to display flowers or hold fun craft supplies.
And we only need to wrap the yarn around the balloon, dip the yarn into glue and wait dry, pop out and get out the balloon from the ball, sounds easy? Hurricane lamps meant for use with candles provide a great visual for showing off shells too.
Antique mason jars will provide Decorating your room for under $5 is made possible thanks to Pintrest Lastly, I glued two cans to each side of the Mason jar, and then glued two to the top in the shape of a pyramid.

I decided to use a mason jar because I didna€™t have enough cans While mason jars are used to store jams, jellies and other random items, they can also be transformed into charming home decor. You’ll also need a cookie sheet or cake pan, a piece of wood, metallic spray paint, lamp cord, wire nuts, hanger bolts and wood clamps. It’s a handcrafted item made using lamp wire, glass mason jars, light sockets, cord and chain. It has a simple design and a vintage look but it’s actually very versatile and could add charm to the living room, dining area, bedroom or even the kitchen.

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