Next up in the world where all that glitters = gold, we’ll show you how to turn old light bulbs into a chic, vintage-inspired mobile.
NOTE: Shards of glass are involved in the light bulb prepping, so we strongly advise that you wear protective eyewear and protective gloves. Holding the light bulbs by their metal screw base (not the glass bulb), carefully lift the piece of metal from the bottom of the light bulb with the X-Acto knife and pliers.
Put your X-Acto blade into the hole and gently rock it back and forth until the glass begins to crack.
Put a layer of E-6000 or hot glue around the inner lip of the bulb bottom and insert an ornament hook by wedging in the bent end and snapping it securely below the lip of the bulb bottom and bending the rest of the hook straight up.

Now arrange and layer the light bulbs around the larger ring, working your way up and layer onto the structure. And, if you’re feeling really bold, you can even turn it into a chandelier by nestling a pendant light bulb kit right in the middle! Put your x-acto blade into the hole and gently rock it back and forth until the glass begins to crack.
Tie the bottoms of the six pieces of fishing line evenly around the larger key ring so that it hangs flat and level. Remove broken glass pieces with pliers and shake flakes of glass out of the bulb into the trash.

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