For years Dillmeier Glass has been a prominent leader in providing UV bonded cases for retail environments, airports, office applications and more. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. This is a very good point!Also, if something should fall off in the heat of a battle - when you are outside, just have lighter ready, quickly heat the supposed-to-glue surface, and stick it right back on!Heatshrink gun.. I've seen Frits use his lighter for heatshrink tubing and that worked really well and was super quick. The faster, the thinner the inevitable string of glue from what you where gluing to the gun.

Leave the string there till the glue is cooled down, do not start "pulling it", it never stops, and you make a mess.Water on your finger prevents glue from sticking, and if it is not too hot, also prevents you from burning your finger. Shortly after this, it makes a crap gluing if you press it down holes, it will look as if it is gluing parts together, but after some time they fall apart. So make sure you do hold on to what you are gluing, till the glue is so cold that you do not see a slow collapse that you will have to save. Sometimes you will have to wait 3-5 minutes, just holdin, while it cools down.Many plastics melt almost at the same heat as the melted glue can come out with. Be aware that if you add a large drop of glue on a piece of plastic, there is a great chance for it to deform!

A tiny small, long strip along the edges of to parts will dry fast, and hold things in place. Tis is also the way ahead if you are afraid of melting plastic, and it makes it much easier to mount difficult parts, as the first little drop is all you need to hold it in place..

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