You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. They are available almost anywhere, from hardware stores to auto shops, and can help avoid more severe glass damage. The pen shape applicator allows for precise application for small jobs and to reach tight areas.
After purchasing your car windshield crack repair kit, follow these steps to remove any small rock chips and bulls-eye cracks.Do NOT perform this repair in direct sunlight. Your work will not result in an attractive repair because the heat will cause the resin to harden too quickly.
You’ll be able to tell you are adding enough pressure because the plunger will become more difficult to screw in.

You also need a clean area around the crack to attach the suction cup tool, so feel free to clean the area with Windex. Give the resin a few minutes to fully penetrate the chipped glass before completely removing the suction tool.
Make sure to place the tool so that the threaded center section is directly over the chipped area.
Carefully press the resin toward the edges of the film using the razor blade, making the film as thin and even as possible. Once the suction cup tool is centered directly over the crack, insert the threaded repair tool.
Make sure that the rubber end of the threaded tool is directly above the chip in your windshield.

Clean up your repair by scraping the excess resin from the windshield with the razor blade. Then, sit back and admire your beautiful repair work.If you feel more comfortable letting a professional handle the work, use TalkLocal to find a high quality auto glass repairman.

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